Monday, August 17, 2009

Perfect Day for the Fair

Yesterday was delicious & a perfect day to visit the Humboldt County Fair with my friends Bea & Sarah. Clear & sunny, the perfect conditions for gorging on the sweet in the form of baby bunnies & funnel cake. We were wowed by the aerial daredevilry of Galaxy Girl; we cooed over barn after barn full of big-eyed rabbits, sheep, & goats; we cackled at the entries in the Decorated Potatoes contest (no kidding); we observed a bit of the sheep dog trials & the handspinning competition; we strolled the midway, perused the handcrafts, & sampled the edibles.

We even pulled out our knitting & sat a spell, watching our fellow fair-goers as they wandered by. That's me working on my Sock Summit socks, aka Velmtrelacs (I've turned the heel & am now on the foot - these socks are lookin' HAWT!). Too bad I didn't think to capture either of them KIPing.

And after all that, we were joined by my friend Lush & her visiting-from-Missouri mom Carla for live horse racing! Bea & Sarah left before the rest of us won our big money in the 7th race, each clearing $1.50 with our successful $5 to win on horse #3, 'Awesome Girl', ridden by FEMALE jockey Nikeela Renae Black. Beyond exciting, LOL.

Although I didn't enter anything in the fair, lots of my friends did, successfully I might add. Violet's Jaywalker socks took home a ribbon, as did two of Cheri's baby sweaters. Ace cleaned up with wins in wine, Romney sheep, & spinning, including Best of Category in both Pinot and handspun (the latter that he created using milk protein fiber he purchased from me at Black Sheep Gathering!). But I'm most proud of Janet, who took the technique she picked up spinning with me this spring & created a skein of supercoils that garnered her the 'Over the Top' award in handspinning. Way to go everyone! You've inspired me to enter next year.

All in all, I don't think we could have asked for a better summer afternoon. Good times were had by all!


  1. Looks like you had a fab day!! our fair starts next week same day I start back to work!! but will be spinning out there on Sunday the last day at least will get to see it!! glad you had so much fun!! love the pics they're great! hugs Linda

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Nice pictures. I wish I had gone to the races. It seems like you guys had fun!Good to see you.


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