Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Your Typical Wednesday

No, it was a most A-typical Wednesday indeed. Who should show up on my doorstep but the local constabulary? A lovely uniformed member of the Arcata Police Department, inquiring if I might be acquainted with the rather impaired & disheveled woman who had taken up residence in our side yard. No, I informed her, I do NOT know the aforementioned 'lady' plopped down on our lawn next to her 3-wheel bike who was claiming to reside in our very house. Four police cars, a handful (a gaggle clutch? a doughnut?) of Arcata's finest, and what I took to be 2 paramedics later, they all decamped after a 40-minute or so confab. The photo above was my view of the whole encounter through our kitchen window. Surreal. But don't ask what became of our 'visitor', apparently the 'hosts' don't warrant an explanation. My guess? They 5150'ed straight to our local residence facility.

Things calmed back down to a semblance of normal after that. I returned to my dyepots, which you see here.

This is the most AMAZING Rambouillet wool fleece from Homestead Wool & Gift Farm - 'Curley Sue' from yesterday's post as a matter of fact. I did an all green batch and a green & blue batch. Soft & springy to beat the band, I tell ya! Look for these in my Etsy shop very soon (they're on the drying racks as we speak).

I also did some Baby Doll Southdown yesterday, but wasn't that happy with the results. I had a bit of an 'oops!' moment with the orange dye, so today I'm doing some over-dyeing with turquoise. Let's just call it an experiment, shall we?

It wasn't all work & no play yesterday. Took that photo of my 4 new charms headed for my charm bracelet. A '64 Chevy like my Impala 'Betty' (ok, it's just a car, but still...); a rooster to bring me some Eleggua energy; a corkscrew 'cuz, well, I do love me some wine!; and a Princess phone just like the turquoise vintage model in our bedroom. Fun!

Ended my day with Crafters Under the Influence. This week was Lush, Monica, Jen, & me. Once again, beer, tequila, & whiskey were involved. We got kinda bleary & blurry. Good times, good times. Although I fucked up my entrelac socks. Le sigh. Guess that means I've earned my FUBAR Knit badge! I think it's apparent from our pics that we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. There was knitting, painting, & project planning going on in addition to the general swilling, rocking madness.

1. Word.,
2. Socks & Beer Under the Influence,
3. Lush Under the Influence,
4. Lush Gesturing Under the Influence,
5. Hat-in-progress Under the Influence,
6. Monica Knitting Under the Influence,
7. Jen Painting Under the Influence,
8. Lush & Jen

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  1. Yea!! You got the charm!! soooo cool!!

  2. Gee a new roomie that your didn't know about! I beat she didn't pay her share of the rent either. But look at it this way, at least you know the cops can find your house if needed.


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