Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Been a Schmoopy Year

Saturday, Cole & I celebrated our first year of marriage! Yep, the wilderness hitchin' was an entire year ago, & we continue to live in wedded bliss. Who says the honeymoon has to end?

Nice & quiet (who knew I'd turn into someone who likes nice & quiet?), we bused it to Eureka and had a massive, booze-infused lunch at Hurricane Kate's, courtesy of a holiday gift certificate from Cole's boss Dick (note to locals: stay away from the mojitos, they're WAY too sugary).

After lunch we wandered around downtown, visiting my handspun for sale at YARN, having pick-me-up mochas at Old Town Coffee, and goofin' with the camera. The pics aren't great but we like 'em. There are 2 more schmoopy ones here and here.

After that, we strolled down to our fave pawn shop on the edge of town, where I found these two beauties:

All Cole got from me was my promise to pay the utility bills this month (hey, that's what he asked for!), but I scored. He got me the traditional paper gift: Spin Control by Amy King (!) and these 2 new charms for my bracelet. Turns out he doesn't much care for the sound of the whistle though, haha!

After we got back to Arcata, we headed over to the Minor Theater and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The film wasn't my favorite in the franchise, but the company was great! All in all it was a really pleasant & relaxing way to spend our anniversary.

Did you ever see our wedblog, Cole Loves Velma? No? You should totally check it out! There are some embarrassingly funny photos housed there. Pay particular attention to the 'wedding party' section (we're not lushes, really!). There's pics from both the 7/18/08 Hitchin' and the 8/16/08 Partyin', as well as several other photo galleries. See what a wilderness wedding and a luau reception look like! Plus, my ass looked phenomenal in my wedding dress and you really should see it! Haha!!

Here's to year #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aw, Happy Anniversary! You two are cuteness.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And don't forget your present to Cole now.


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