Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodies in the Mail!

Some days, I just love the USPS! COLORBOMB Creations has been doing ok lately (thanks!), so I've splurged for a couple of treats for the ol' Velmster, & they've been plopping down on my doorstep like fat rats of happiness lately.

This spectacularly Velma colorway is called 'Loud & Proud', & it is 462 yards / 100 grams of 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon fingering/sock weight yarn of happiness from FibroFibers on Etsy. She's already in my Ravelry stash, & I'm seeing some very playful socks in my future.

I've also succumbed to the siren song of merino roving lately. This bump is just the brightest, most outrageously loud (in a Very Velma Way) bit of fiber from Forest Fiber Works, also on Etsy. Called 'Del Sol', it IS 'Of the Sun'! Can't you see the squooshiest bit of 2ply spun from this lovely? Mama needs a new hat! It is 4.0oz 100% Merino wool roving top handpainted in vibrant golden yellows, oranges and red with rich purple. (I've shamelessly lifted the language from her description!)

I even ordered some fiber from my friend Down Under, WoolDancer in Australia. I got 2, 2ounce bumps of Merino roving that came out of the same dyepot - complementary but not identical, they'll spin up great with the dyed-to-match icicle I also bought from her. Whaddya think? 'Rainbow Glow Shimmer' on the left, 'Rainbow Willow Glitter' on the right.

Finally, I got a giant box of WOOL yesterday from the lovely Sandy & her sheep at Homestead Wool & Gift Farm! Wanna meet 'em? Here they are! (Thanks, Sandy, for letting me use your pics.) L to R: Curly Sue (Rambouillet), Trevor (& his brother Brinley, Baby Doll Southdown), and Amelia (Cotswold). Also in the box were Suri alpaca & coated Coopworth, but I don't know the sheep names, and she also included some extras, including a sample of the amazing Pygora I'll be getting in the fall from Phoebe!

I really can't say enough wonderful things about these great artist entrepreneurs. FibroFibers donates $2 from every sale to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association to further research and education about fibromyalgia, and Jen is lovely to work with (she has another Etsy shop, Jen, where she sells finished fiber goods). Margot of Forest Fiber Works went above & beyond, sending me an extra ounce or so of fiber when she really didn't need to. Spinsistah Michelle of and is just the sweetest fiberista you ever could meet (she's at the Bendigo Wool Show this week, so give her a few days if you're gonna visit her shop). And Sandy rescues sheep and let's them live out their lives on her lovely farm in Wisconsin. Be sure to check out her shop and her blog for details!

All of these great women can be found on, but beware: if you subscribe to their feeds, you'll get sucked into the world of fiber enabling lickety-split, just like I did! But if you dare, you can find them at @jen_hintz, @forestfiberworks, @wooldancer and @HomesteadWool on Twitter. Oh, me? I'm @velmalikevelvet there, too!

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  1. Oh shiny!! Pretty!!! I need to try some more fiber dyers soon. Okay first both of us need to spend more time at the wheel too.

    I can't wait to see what you dye up with the new fleeces. DO you have to clean them?? Just curious.


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