Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday, That Must Mean FIBER!

Oh, yeah, it is Fiber Friday! This week, that means another SHOP UPDATE, woohoo! This time, we're rockin' the BAMBOO!

These lovelies are my most recent batch of Pigtails, daisy-chain braids of roving/top hand-dyed by me using professional dyes in hot colorways, cooked up in the recesses of my crazy brain. They all went into the COLORBOMB Creations shop on Etsy yesterday, & most of them are still available for you spinning fools ready to give bamboo a try.

What's so good about bamboo? Let me tell ya! Bamboo has an exceptional silky sheen, exhibits natural anti-microbial/
anti-bacterial properties, is touted as having environmentally friendly characteristics due to being made from a renewable resource that needs no irrigation, pesticides, or herbicides, & is an absolute dream to spin. (I've had some people tell me they find bamboo to be a bit 'jerky' - try using a lighter touch when you're drafting, & that should clear right up!)

My put-ups for bamboo are approx. 4oz (120g) each, so you'll have plenty to make a nice project.

If you'd like to see a particular color-combo in my next dye batch, email me with your suggestions - I'd love to create some VWorld-driven colorways! Want more info on these colors? The links below will whisk you right into their respective listings in my shop, where you can drool right into your keyboard until you can't resist the urge to get your hands on some!

1. COLORBOMB 'Purkle-ator' Bamboo Pigtails™, 2. COLORBOMB 'Surfrider' Bamboo Pigtails™, 3. COLORBOMB 'Chili Peppers' Bamboo Pigtails™, 4. COLORBOMB 'Painted Desert' Bamboo Pigtails™, 5. COLORBOMB 'Love Jones' Bamboo Pigtails™, 6. COLORBOMB 'Mango Tango' Bamboo Pigtails™, 7. COLORBOMB 'Lava Lamp' Bamboo Pigtails™, 8. COLORBOMB 'Poseidon Adventure' Bamboo Pigtails™

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  1. Beautiful colors. I'm thinking of blending some bamboo in with my alpaca this year.


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