Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Got Milk (Fiber)?

Finally, a shop update! Woot, woot! Yep, reader, yesterday I added 8 new colorways of milk protein top to the COLORBOMB Creations shop on Etsy. And you're lookin' at 'em right now!

Milk fiber? What's milk fiber?, you might be asking yourself. It's one of the hot new spinning fibers on the market today. Lemme tell you a bit about what you can expect when spinning COLORBOMB milk top.

First, I handpaint 100% milk protein (also known as 'casein') combed top using professional dyes in the most spectacular colorways I can think of. After carefully setting the dyes so you won't experience any of those pesky bleeding problems sometimes the hallmark of hand-dyed fibers, I put the top up in daisy-chain braids that I call Pigtails™, which are easy to undo & spin directly from on either a wheel or spindle. For milk Pigtails™, the put-up are in 2oz. (60g.) increments to give you an opportunity to try a bit before committing to a larger quantity, & to keep the price affordable for all.

Now, a bit about the characteristics of milk fiber. Exceptionally soft & stronger than wool, milk fiber exhibits anti-microbial/anti-bacterial properties & wicks moisture, making it a great choice for socks & underwear, & because it has the same pH as human skin, it is great for sensitive skin - like babies! It is an absolute dream to spin, very easy even for beginners, with a long (~5"/13cm) staple with a gentle wave to it. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll love it!

Want more info? Here are direct links to each listing on Etsy:

1. COLORBOMB 'Bleen' Milk Pigtails™, 2. COLORBOMB 'Acid' Milk Pigtails™, 3. COLORBOMB 'Steampunk' Milk Pigtails™, 4. COLORBOMB 'Surfrider' Milk Pigtails™, 5. COLORBOMB 'Chili Peppers' Milk Pigtails™, 6. COLORBOMB 'Mango Tango' Milk Pigtails™, 7. COLORBOMB 'Lava Lamp' Milk Pigtails™, 8. COLORBOMB 'Daisy May' Milk Pigtails™ Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Coming soon to COLORBOMB Creations: hand-painted 100% bamboo top!!


  1. Is it slippery is my question? I find straight bamboo really slippery so I am curious about this.

  2. Why did I first read the title as Goat Milk (Fiber)! I think you've got me thinking goats from your last post!

  3. Gorgeous colorways! Very vibrant and tempting- have to go take a peek at your shop- if it all has not been snapped up already!!! Smooches from the sheep!


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