Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sláinte! St. Paddy's Day at VWorld

I love St. Patrick's Day, I really do. What's not to love about an excuse to eat corned beef & drink Guinness? Which is exactly what I did yesterday. That's my dinner there, which I ate hurriedly at my "desk" just before leaving for the Silk Painting with Natural Dye Extracts workshop by Linda Hartshorn that I participated in last night at Hands on CRAFT.

The workshop was super fun, easy-peasy, and yielded me 2 silk scarves. This is the 2nd one I did; I completely spaced taking a pic of the square one I did first, which has actual 'art' on it. Since you can't see mine yet, here are a couple made by my classmates:

Oh, yeah, and check out these awesome new shoes I got yesterday! My friend Beth, who owns North Soles in Arcata, passed these Tevas on to me when a customer, who special ordered them, stiffed her. Happy news for me!

Hope y'all had a great, green celebration.


  1. you lucky shoe receiver! they are very cool - well accented by the knit socks ;)

  2. Hey, crazy shoes :-)

  3. How cute are those shoes!! Great way to show off those pretty socks too--did you knit those? The sheep each want two pairs--bwaahahahahaha!

  4. Love all the scarves. And if those Teva's are half as comfy as mine are you will love them. I wear mine as soon as the weather gets even remotely warm.


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