Friday, March 20, 2009

I Have the Most Awesome-est Friends Ever!

No shit, I really do! How'd I get so lucky? I'd better start cleanin' up my act, make sure I deserve such royal treatment.

This is me just this a.m., perusing a copy of the new YARN magazine while sippin' my coffee outta my new sheepy mug. Can you even imagine a better way to get your day underway? Not me.

Who made this possible? Glad you asked! Gives me an excuse to extol the virtues of my friend down under, Mandie of Ewe Give Me the Knits (who may have the best business name out there, haha!). Outta the blue, she sent me a care package filled with fibery goodness!

In addition to the mag & mug, there was a plethora of sparkle, threads, yummy fibers, & a duo of logo pins. Can't wait to get some of these goodies into some yarns!

So, if you are in the market for yarn, fibre, spinning supplies/equipment, or just good plain fun, head down under to EGMTK & tell 'em Velma sent ya! Thank you, Mandie, for all your kindnesses.

But Mandie isn't the only bud spoiling Velma these days. I've been getting lots of TLC from Kristy, at Hands on CRAFT. I know, I know, I've been pimping her new venture a lot these days, but it's such a great resource for Arcata! They've got a craft club, with 30% off retail prices on yarns, fibers, & art supplies for members, + BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) Craft Night on Wednesdays that often feature yummy adult beverages, + fun & educational workshops. Remember Wednesday's post on the Silk Painting with Natural Dyes workshop I went to? I got to go 'cuz Kristy made it possible (thanks, girl!!). This is a picture of the other silk scarf I made that night. Don't you want to make cool stuff in our new crafting venue? I know you do! Come on, Arcatan crafters, head over there and sign up! It's only $10/month; that's just one six-pack of good beer! AND Kristy is planning a homebrew workshop this summer. You know I'll be there!

I spent a day with my good friend Bea recently, and she thought I'd gone above-and-beyond just 'cuz I shadowed her on her errands, so she bought me this lovely banana fiber yarn from one of my fave LYSs, YARN in Eureka, CA. Be sure to support Sunni and her newish shop inside Shipwreck, in Old Town on 3rd Street. She's a COLORBOMB Creations stockist, so I'm biased, but she's also got a great selection of Rowan yarns & patterns, Toasty Toes, affordable tools, and Japanese craft books, all inside a vintage shop! So you can indulge your retro fantasies and pick up those size #4 needles you've been needing at the same time. I hear they even do a knit-in on Sunday afternoons, so if you find yourself in Eureka any time soon, please drop by & introduce yourself.

Who else? How about Janet, proprietress of Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill in Whitethorn? She keeps showering me with lovely Romney roving, which I used to spin one of the singles in the yarn here, my FIRST on a drop-spindle! As if that weren't enough, knowing that I'm broke as a joke she just paid my Guild membership dues for the year! We're kicking around the idea of a shearing-season road trip, to both pick up some new fiber from local shepherds, as well as deliver some of her fibers to customers. She must really heart me. Backatcha, girl! For those who will find themselves in Northern Cali this summer, consider joining us for her Fiber 'Campout' at the Mill; fibery workshops for all! Check out her group on Ravelry for more details.

When I thought my camera had completely crapped out a few weeks ago, who came to my rescue? Fellow fiberistas, that's who. When KnittyDirtyGirl & HatDiva heard about it on Twitter, they stepped up & offered their old cameras. How cool is that! Turns out I can still limp along with mine for awhile (just can't view any settings), but their gesture of goodwill did not go unnoticed.

Can't forget my hubbo-bubbo, either, who sent me an email love note the other night after he left for his dog-sitting gig in a huff, who let me confiscate his free time lately to make tools for a friend of mine, and who is generally a great sport about living in a fiber-infested home with this crazy yarn lady (well, not "lady" per se, but you know what I mean). Thanks, honey!

So, on this first day of spring, I'm giving a shout-out to all the people in my life who've been such strong supporters of me lately - including all of you that I've forgotten to mention here - y'all make life waaaay better! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Edited to add: Oh, yeah, & thanks to Jen who brought me a bag of yarn scraps last night, Jen who is picking up a fabric cutting mat for me at Tuesday Morning this afternoon, & Linda who is bringing me customers AND collecting weaving thrums for me. Yay!!

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  1. you have some amazing friends!!! i'm lucky enough to count mandie as mine too.

    i don't suppose these people and these gifts come to you for no reason.. i'd hazard a guess that you give as much as you get.

  2. That is some good stuff in your care package, however, friends don't come easy. In my experience, good friends are two sided. You have them if you are one. There you go!

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Awwww, HOORAY for awesome friends! However, you do so deserve the love, you are pretty darn awesome too!

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    You are sooooo welcome Chook :)
    What you put out is what you get back, friendship is a two way street, ours brings much joy and laughter (or snorts and giggles!)


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