Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Fibers in the SHOP!

I know I've been REALLY bad about posting when I update the shop, but I'm trying to be better, I swear on my favorite pants I am! Here's what we've got on deck. Two new product lines: Pigtails™ roving/top braids (above) and Lox Populi, Locks for the People™ (below)!!

These are some of the fruits of my recent hand-dyeing labors, and I've just gotta say, I really wish I could hang on to ALL these and create some fab new yarns. But my loss is your gain! The locks are all mohair, dyed in scrumptious colors with professional acid dyes, they are silky and shiny, without a doubt. They're going fast, so if you are interested, better jump quick!

The top 2 braids are Coopworth carded roving (both are gone already, sorry!), and the bottom 2 are Wensleydale combed top. Wensleydale is known for it's long staple & crimp, translating into an easy spin that yields a strong & lustrous yarn. A personal fave of mine, it reminds me of spinning mohair.


  1. i need to spin, just to buy your fiber. i have wanted a wheel for ages - what do you think for a first timer?

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Whooooweee, I love the blue locks! Gorgeous color!! The peach above are stunning too!!

  3. Anonymous12:15 AM

    They are gorgeous! ^_^ I have been badly neglecting my knitting since I started my wedding preparations :( I miss it!

    Happy weekend hun!

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Lovin what you have been up to! I agree with Meg...I need to learn to spin to buy your fiber TOO!!



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