Wednesday, March 11, 2009


While I feel a little dirty saying so, I was somewhat gleeful Saturday because I got to pick through another spinner's stash of fiber goodness, acquiring some of it for myself. Local weaver/spinner, Paula Provoldt died recently, and Kristy and I went to the Estate Sale for her effects. Couldn't afford to spring for any of her equipment, although I was coveting this massive clock skeinwinder and the already-gone sock knitting machine would have piqued my interest had I a meager $250 for the asking price, but I DID get me some goodies!

There's about 1/2 lb. of hand-dyed silk noils in some nommy blues & purples. And there's roughly 1/4 lb. of what I think is mohair in roving/top form, in a nice aqua and white mix. Despite the fact that there were 2 entire floor-to-ceiling racks of weaving cottons, I managed to limit myself to 8 cones in very Velma colors, plus a wee cone of sparkly metallic and a big cone of what might be rayon? Lastly, I got the very last 2 lbs. of some creamy raw locks; I think they might be Cotswold, but whatever sheep gave 'em up, they're scrumptious! Kristy got some and dyed them up last week, and they not only took the dye like a hooker takes crack, but also maintained they're curly structure really well.

What did I have to shell out for all this, you ask? Count 'em slow, only 4o smacks! Yepper, just 2 Andy Jacksons brought this home. I'm seeing lots of candy-striping and auto-wrapping in my future with those yarns, and some wads of noils captured with maybe the orange cotton. And then wash up those locks & dye 'em!! Ooh, the possibilities, they are endless.


  1. "they not only took the dye like a hooker takes crack..."

    Bwahahaha! How are you not in LSG?! That line is priceless! I'll be unleashing it on my husband tonight, as soon as I figure out an appropriate context.

  2. Nice score. You dyed locks look awesome.

  3. you are the luckiest fiber fondler ever - seriously!

  4. just found your blog via youtube, going to browse!!! I'm just getting used to a dropspindle as can't afford a wheel.....yet...


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