Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What's on My Bobbin Wednesday

It's Wednesday, right? Wanna see what I've been spinning? Sure you do! The one one the left remains an unnamed colorway of LoopyDoopy supercoils, in 100% merino - mmm, nom nom nom! Pastel squooshiness in robin's egg blue, petal, lavender, and dove gray. Love! Be sure to leave your suggestion in the comments to vote on what I should name this color.

The one on the right, 'Have a Heart', is a decadent mix of cormo & merino wool locks + silk threads + sparkle; from batt to bobbin! So soft you might just want to rub it all over yourself. And just the right amount of bling! Valentine's Day crafting, anyone?

These will be added to my Etsy shop soon; got to soak and dry first, so hold your horses, but soon.

In more Etsy/COLORBOMB news, and coming under the heading 'great minds think alike', my orange BOMBits fiber kits were featured in not one but TWO new Etsy Treasuries yesterday! Thanks to Catskill Mountain Fibers and her Joy of Spinning Treasury, and MidnightCoiler and the Upthings for Somethings Treasury of upcycled/recycled offerings for including me! BOMBits are also currently available in red, yellow, pink, blue, green, black, white, bone, silver, & gold - and they're great for all kinds of crafty DIY projects: felting, embellishment, fiber art, collage, and of course, spinning art yarn! Plenty of materials to make at least 3 or 4 skeins of art yarn. Each contains 3-4 ounces of scavenged, upcyled materials, enough goodies to fill a repurposed & recyclable tennis ball tube, including: 1 ounce wool or mohair fiber, 5 yards each of 3 different millspun yarns, plus an assortment of ribbons, lace, fabrics, sequins, buttons, beads, faux flowers, feathers, sparkle, vintage trim, and other embellishments in coordinating colors.

BOMBits are a COLORBOMB Greenish™ product too, using 100% recycled/upcycled/repurposed materials. Fibers are either mill ends that would be otherwise discarded, or ethically raised & harvested by small farmers. Embellishments are reclaimed yarn & fabric scraps, as well as thrifted & donated trims.

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  1. Hey Velma! My pleasure to include your BOMBits kit in my treasury! They are a great idea-- so cool and colorful! All the best to you, midnightcoiler


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