Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Typical Day at COLORBOMB Creations HQ

Ever wonder what it's like to be a self-employed spinner? What the hell do I do around here, you ask? Walk a day in my (colorful) shoes with me, as I conduct a day's worth of COLORBOMB Creations business.

  • Om nom nom, coffee #1 and oatmeal, courtesy of sweet Cole;
  • Check email - no sales during the night = sad Velma;
  • Hmm, there's a request for a custom spinning order! Labradoodle yarn? I can do that! Research, draft estimate, pop off email to potential new customer;
  • Read & answer the rest of the night's emails;
  • Coffee #2;
  • Send thank you note to Xao_T for her offer to send me vintage 70s embroidery transfers - thx again, Tina!!;
  • Start drafting this brilliant blog post (no *way* I'll remember all this by the time I'd actually sit down to write it);
  • Resist urge to walk across the street and bitch slap the (presumably) pinky-dicked neighbor who *insists* on gunning the engine *every time* he backs out of the drive;
  • Compulsively check VWorld stats again, then mull (for the thousandth time) what distinguishes a high-traffic day from, oh, say today - decide I need to exploit the buttload of referrals I get from the Google search "penis knitting" (where I turn up #1 in the search results!) by writing a pattern for one;
  • Take a call from a friend who visited one of the new yarn stores in Eureka (YARN) & wanted to make sure I'm on it about getting my yarns in there (I am) - love friends who have my back - thank you Lisa!;
  • Check email again & learn that, oh crap!, I'm behind again, & that my December Ravelry ads bill is due - doh!;
  • Read & answer new emails;
  • Realize it's 3pm & I haven't done any spinning at all!;
  • Unpack & reassemble Harry (my main wheel) and sit down with the merino singles I started yesterday at the spin-in, destined to become a LoopyDoopy coils yarn;
  • SPIN! got in a solid hour of spinning;
  • Ooh, quick-quick like bunny: suck-up-the-last-of-the-natural-daylight photoshoot so I'll have a pic for Monday's blog post - got one;
  • Yummy treat from Cole, back from his errands in town: last of the Co-op's winter mandarins from Orinda;
  • Download pics from camera, upload to Flickr, edit with Picnik, add to blog post;
  • Check in on Ravelry;
  • Get in another hour of spinning, finishing up the merino singles - woo hoo!;
  • 7pm dinner break: mmm, burgers & fries take-out from HumBrews, courtesy of a Par Infinity raffle prize gift certificate;
  • Tried to install Haloscan comments, but crapola, they've been acquired by JS-Kit, which I think is ugly, so I can't - heavy disappointment;
  • Cocktail time and blogsurfing;
  • 8:15 - calling it a day!
Didn't get to everything on my list, but who ever does? It was a fairly productive day, all in all.

After finishing, I grabbed needle, thread, & thimble and sewed this patch on my spinning bag. It's the logo for a band that, although I don't much care for their sound, I love their name! I've had it forever, & have been meaning to mark my wheel bag territory with it for awhile. (But I've gotta say: sewing needles and tequila do not mix!) This is what it looks like now.

When I finished, I picked up my StonerJaywalkers and knit a few more rows before turning in with Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire, which I am really enjoying; I'm in the tulip section.


  1. LOL! Resist urge to walk across the street and bitch slap the (presumably) pinky-dicked neighbor who *insists* on gunning the engine *every time* he backs out of the drive;

    You should tape it, and post it on Youtube. The part about realizing it was 3pm is great. I am so "there"! I identify highly....

  2. love it! not far off from my own life! hope all is well Velma!

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Ah a day in the life o' Velma!
    Will you be home this weekend?

    M & V

  4. Can I have your day? I'm so jealous! I spend 8 hours trying to wrangle cats, I mean, teach first graders. I think I'd prefer to sit and dye (since I don't spin) all day. Oh, and check up on Ravelry. Very important task :)


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