Monday, January 05, 2009

Spinning is Cheaper Than Therapy

So true! This is the other part of the swag I brought home from the Guild gift exchange yesterday. I completely forgot about it 'til I woke up with it tangled in my braid this morning; apparently, I forgot to take it off the elastic I had pinned it to! After removing it (and not a few long hairs as well), it is now ensconced alongside my 'uppity women unite', 'Cole Loves Velma', and other clever pins on the bulletin board in our kitchen.

You need to know the back-story to understand why I *really* find this sentiment so ironic & therefore hilarious: I decided to ditch 2 years of graduate school preparing to become a THERAPIST in order to spin yarn for a living! Ha!

Sorry for the quickie post; tomorrow, look for a long 'A Day in the Life' post about today's goings-on. 'Til then...


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    maybe I need to try spinning !!! hee hee

  2. AWw I missed a fiber exchange. I like your blogs new lay out I am still in Peru :)

  3. I need that therapy. and I still owe a FFFFF. long story

  4. Exactly. I make a living slinging yarn....easier work than my last occupation.


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