Thursday, January 01, 2009


Welcome to the New & Improved VWorld blog! I've been working on a 'facelift' for about a week; hope you like it. (Well, actually I hope you *love* it, but I'm greedy like that.)

The main change has been to the 'new' Blogger platform, which operates on a modular page elements system. Most of the new stuff will be going on behind the 'magician's curtain' as it were, but there are some nifty new features, including:

  • Following - 1-click following of VWorld on your Blogger dashboard
  • Subscriptions - should be easier now
  • Sharing - I've added a widget for sharing posts w/ social networking sites
  • Streamlined - not so visually distracting (I hope)
This is still a work-in-progress, so lease bear with me as I work out any kinks in the system, and definitely let me know if something isn't working for you. Things will be fluid for awhile, as I figure out the best layouts. Don't be surprised if you see a poll or 3 on YOUR opinions for the future of VWorld.

Happy 2009, faithful readers!
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  1. I love the new look. :-)

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Love your new look Miss V :)
    Happy New Year to you and Cole, may 2009 bring all that is good and freakin' wonderful to you!

  3. Looks great! I'm now a "official" followe. You need a FLICKR widget! Here's the widget generator link:

    It was hard to find....use it ;)

  4. Thanks Rilana, Mandie, and Hatdiva!!

    FYI, Hatdiva, I've always had a Flickr badge on VWorld - I'm just re-adding each element manuallly. So check back to see the blog as it evolves.



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