Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please Be Gentle...

...when you offer your feedback on my new spinning tutorial video! Yep, I've entered the YouTube era. I started the COLORBOMB Creations channel yesterday, and this is my *virginal* video. COLORBOMB Creations is going viral! First one out of the chute: Corespinning. The production value is pretty low (*really* low; you can hear the traffic on the other side of the fence & Canada geese flying overhead), but (hopefully) I've put some good info on how to create yarn like my WoolyBear™ & WoolyBearCub™ handspun. Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts.

Props to my personal marketing guru, CraftyCoach, for his gentle prodding to get me to dip my treadle into the video pool. Thanks, Norm!

Want to buy the yarn spun in the video? It's for sale in my Etsy shop: 'Have a Heart' is a ginormic skein, 34 yards of carmine Cormo/merino blend squooshy wonderment, with silk threads & just enough sparkle to make it POP! Doesn't sound like much, yardage-wise, but this ~3WPI super-bulky wonder-skein should be *plenty* for a small project like a hat, or pair it with a complementary commercial yarn to create something bigger. Get it while it's hot, just in time to whip up something for your valentine!

In other video news, my friend Jacey Boggs, Queen Boognish of Insubordiknit, has made a REAL spinning video! Her Sit and Spin DVD, chock-full of techniques for spinning art yarns, is IN as of today! Go, quick like bunny, and get your hands on a copy before they're all gone! And when you do get a chance to view it, be sure to keep your eyes out for my freeform-crochet Babies in a Blender hat (made with Jacey's handspun art yarn + doll arms I added) and The Fez (a crocheted fez made with 'Blood Fever', my own COLORBOMB Creations WoolyBear yarn), modeled by members of the backing band.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    AHWW! Now you've done it!!! I WANT TO SPIN NOW! Yep I'm one of those I see it need to try it kinda gals. Videos, what a great idea. I didn't mind the background noise at all. The only thing I would have liked was a more close up view of your hands to see your finger work better. I appreciate the tips you gave and also the reference points for beginners.
    Dreamy fluffy goodness! Can't wait to see what is next!
    p.s You are swaying me over to the side of color:) no fear... no fear....

  2. Yay! Finally some corespinning. I'd Youtube more if I had abetter connection & skills at editing & compressing.


    Vistaprint does standard address labels.

  3. Yay! Nice job! I'd like to see a bit of YOU talking (as in, your face!) and maybe some other examples (like a pile of finished's nice to see several examples of something), and some close ups. Otherwise...grrrrrreat!

    The baby arm hat is AWESOME. One of my favorite items of band gear for the Sit and Spin video. I hope it's not super-obvious that I was ill and feverish during the shoot. I would have had so much more fun if I hadn't felt like I was dying. Heh.

  4. i really really really loved your video. if you give me the pink hat that i want, then i will write you a whole page of gushing video feedback. what do you think? deal? joking aside.. good job!

  5. Anonymous8:47 AM

    great tutorial! and I agree, wish I could see your lovely face!

    ohhh, baby in a blender hat! It was a hit. The drummer in the band wanted it so bad. and the fez. everyone on set loved the fez!

  6. It looks clear and get the point accross

  7. Love your video! You're a natural! Looking forward to more video tutorials!


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