Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Mashup

I'm all over the place today, like a schizophrenic with ADD, and I thought I'd share the experience. A little something from yesterday, a smattering of Tuesday crap, maybe a peek into the future even. Oh, and some knitting!

Shop Update: 3 new handspun art yarns up on Etsy today! Two new WoolyBear yarns: 'Dirt Nap' and 'Have a Heart'. The former is 42 yards of chocolate-brown Jacob wool, and the latter is the Cormo/merino blend spun up in yesterday's video. They're really gonzo on texture, and I think they'll make someone (or someones) very happy. The 3rd is a frequently-requested skein of SUPERCOILS! Yep, a new LoopyDoopy - this one is one of the 'Minis', smaller gauge (as in about 5-7WPI; no sock yarn here!). It's called 'Forget Me Not', and it's pastel merino - robin's egg blue, lavender, pale pink, dove gray... Gotta give a shout out to velvetpurrs for providing a great colorway name, and to J.Hayworth, hatdiva2, Lar'Zaina, deanno, and thnomad for their great suggestions! Sometimes the well of creativity just comes up dry, so it's good to know that you all have my back.

Lookee! Lookee what I got in the mail a few days ago! A bunch of bitchin' vintage embroidery transfers! My Flickr friend Xao_T saw my blog post about returning to embroidery after 20+ years, and remembered she had some old patterns lying around, and offered to send them to me; what a sweetie!

There are some really off-the-wall images in this collection, as well as some very traditional 50s cutesy icons (my fave!). There's another baggie filled with more animal images (a goat!) not even pictured here. Not sure which is gonna show up in my workbasket first, although I'm leaning toward a kitty playing with yarn, chinese lanterns, or this weird ghost figure in the Leisure Arts book. Whatever gets picked, it'll be a doozy! Thanks, Xao!

Here's a couple of pics of the hub & I riding into town yesterday to pay a visit the recycling center & local thrift stores, which we were combing to find me a vintage Rolodex rotary card file. Saw a really cute one from fellow Team EcoEtsy member EcoMonster on Etsy yesterday, complete with cards & dividers crafted from recycled papers, but at 75 clams, I figure I'll bite the DIY bullet and make my own. Found one, but it was all plastick-y (bleh), and $5, so I'm holding out for a better-slash-cheaper one. Got the Hub on the lookout for one at the pawn shop. (He's off in search of tracing paper for my embroidery pleasure, as we speak. Such a good Hub!)

Lastly (finally!) here's a pic of my current knitting project on the needles: my Stoner Jaywalker socks. I finished sock #1 well before Christmas, but set them aside to concentrate on gift knitting. I picked 'em back up on New Year's day, happy to be wallowing in some selfish knitting again. This is my first exposure to the virus known as "second sock syndrome" - can't wait to get these off the needles and move the fuck ON!


  1. aaaaaah...second sock!
    i have ONE SOCK that i knit up about two years ago...

    right now i have the dreaded "sleeve syndrome." cannot bring myself to knit the sleeves on finished sweater bodies.

  2. Your supercoils are my favorite. They are so delicate and wonderful. I just love love love them!

  3. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I want those coiled yarn! They look sooooo much fun ^_^ What do people usually make with it? I need some ideas :) I have been neglecting my knitting for a while now :(

  4. those are some mad socks! they look like candy. are they edible??? hmm??


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