Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can You Say 'Global Climate Change' Boys & Girls?

Wanna see some evidence of global climate change? Check out lilfishstudios' thermometer, then compare it to our thermometer. Brainerd, MN vs. Arcata, CA - who wins? My vote rests firmly with the latter. It still amazes me that people can even function in below-zero temps.

Seriously, it was -30F in Brainerd today, and 79F here in Arcata. Granted, our thermometer is smack up against the house, on the south side no less, so might be a tad inflated, but still... It's freakin' January!

Record setting highs & lows on the same day; something is definitely up with the climate. But don't get me wrong; I'm lovin' the warm weather we've been having. Today I walked the mile or so into town with my friend Jaimie & her dog Zukka. Perfect weather for a stroll! I needed to go to the P.O. anyway, & Cole had my bike today (he found his had a flat when he headed to work this morning), so I was gonna be walkin' anyway. It was nice having the company. (Although I don't usually stop for so many poo breaks.) Couple more pics here & here.

Yesterday I decided it was time to clean off my 'desk', the workspace where all the COLORBOMB / Velma's World magic happens. This is the 'before' shot, and, sadly, the 'after' photo as well, because I only got as far as deciding to clean it.

It started with a conversation with rawfish & oriridraco over on Twitter. Seems like this time of year brings out the housecleaning urge in lots of crafters. Consensus was that my workspace isn't *so* bad; messy isn't necessarily a bad thing! Besides, with weather like this, I shouldn't be inside cleaning anyway, right? I'm all about the easy justification for lazy.
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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Man, can you send some of that weather my way? I'm layering INSIDE the house, and this is NC!

    As for cleaning... too bad the urge is where the cleaning stops! ;) You could always say that the "bomb exploded on the desk look" is you trying to live up to your business name! ;) (Still say it isn't that bad!)

  2. I've been cleaning up some and enjoying the great weather too! I think we're getting the Santa Anas down here (desert winds), and it was 80 today. The walk we took at 5:30 this morning was the perfect temperature.

    I can't say what the cleaning can be attributed to--being happy, the new year, wanting to get back into making things after my little break...whatever it is, it's great!

  3. LOL! That's exactly how my desk looks like - before and after. In fact, my house is like that, too...except the places where dh tidies up (which are the places where I don't hang out in obviously!)!

  4. hm, that's funny, my boy had a puncture on his bike this morning too...
    it's freezing fog here today...blah!

  5. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Send me that weather! Your little craft desk isn't too bad :) Mine's quite messy too. Everytime I try to clean, I end up sitting down and illustrating again! Maybe the want to clean provokes inspiration?

  6. Ack! I suppose I should be glad for our high temperature of 5 whole degrees above zero today! i am actually very glad it will be muchly subzero at night for the next few days, as it will completely eradicate any moths that may have still been lingering in the barn i will be moving my studio into. they will CEASE TO BE and i am thrilled. so long as the other folks using the space clear it out and store their stuff properly (as they have sworn to), there shouldn't be a problem again. hooray for freaking cold-ass cold! after this week, though, i can use a little warm-ass warm, please.

  7. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Functioning? LOL
    Our high today is expected to be 10 degrees.
    Did I tell you I"m a really clean houseguest, and I don't eat much. Promise.

  8. It's -15F in the sun right now here in Saranac Lake. It's supposed to drop to between -20 and -30 tomorrow. Without the good old windchill. Brrr.

    Funny, but I have absolutely no urge to clean house. LOL

  9. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Our weather has warmed up to a balmy 35F. At least my bike has thawed out enough to ride in the correct gear! (Haarlem, Netherlands)

    BTW, lovely changes to your blog. I don't know how you manage to make blogger look so good!


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