Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Sunday

Every day is busy 'round these parts, it seems... No rest for the wicked, eh? ;)

Spent an hour or so fiddling with the new ring membership for the Fiber Arts Bloggers webring; seems that Ringsurf has changed all the rules, so the webmistress for FAB had us change our code yesterday, then today I get another email saying that she's switched to an entirely new ring manager, alt-webring. I think she made the right decision (the new "improved" Ringsurf deal was crap; no more 'previous/next' surfing, everything gets directed to Ringsurf, no way to see a list of all sites in the ring, etc. - I wouldn't be surprised, or disappointed, if I heard from my other ring managers in the near future); but it did mean another hour of code tweaking. Ah, well, all is fixed now.

Then I did a little COLORBOMB paperwork, 'cuz I've had a few sales over the weekend. Got my spreadsheet updated and the packages ready to ship tomorrow. Now that's a chore I don't mind!

Today was supposed to be a day of dyeing (my first with 'real' dyes), but between the butt-ass cold weather and the fact that I - doh! - bought the wrong dyes yesterday, that is on hold. Yep, I bought MX fiber-reactive dyes, not acid dyes. What a dork, huh? Back to the drawing board.

My friend Katie stopped by to drop off her button-maker, on loan so I can make a bunch of freebie promos to bring to Black Sheep Gathering. But I've got to get my printer problem straightened out (no cord for one, no ink for the other, & both need the drivers updated) before I can make any. Think I'll spring for the ButtonBuilder software, too. Again: back burner for now.

So, I set about my daily task of spinning coils. And more coils... Everywhere, coils! Today I worked on plying the 'Spent Blossoms' colorway I spun yesterday. I think maybe coils are my favoreite thing to spin. Of all my yarns, they are the most relaxing to spin, so rhythmic. But plying, I am not a fan of plying. And the plying of supercoils seems the most endless task.

Back to it!

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