Monday, April 21, 2008

Validator Velma

Over the weekend I decided to do a little research into why my blog doesn't appear in the Google Alerts I have scheduled to receive. Learned that one of the reasons might be HTML/XHTML errors in the code, so I went to a validation site, Validator, and checked my code; whoa! There were over 1400 errors! So I spent an hour or so yesterday and another hour this morning fixing an ampersand here, and a missing carat there; I'm down to under 1200 errors, but that's still a LOT of code to sift through. Next up, I've got to go educate myself about parsing errors...

Helper Cole is off work today, so I sent him downtown posting COLORBOMB packages, paying bills, and returning the dye I bought Saturday. Love having a chore-boy!

But I spent the day spinning and plying - you guessed it - coils!

And here's a little yarn porn so you don't go away empty handed; it's the March installation of the Yarn Pirate sock club - 'Sweet Lime'. It's got bamboo! :)


  1. I use firefox and a plugin for that called Firebug which checks live for errors and mine says you have no errors. Perhaps you are looking for or with something more in depth. My Google reader always tells me when you have updates.

    Don't you love a helpful loving man!

  2. Goodness, I dont even want to know how many errors are in my code! I'd probably faint!

    Love the yarn! Mine will be here soon--maybe even today :) yay!

  3. thanks for the tip on firebug, loopy, i've heard casey on ravelry talk about it as a good resource before. i'd for gotten about it. i'm just weirded out that i never show up in the alerts - not the reader emails, but the emails with keyword searches. still not sure why... and yes, a good man is a luxury!

    hi megan! i totally hear you on that. what you gonna do w/ your yarn?


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