Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's New with COLORBOMB Handspun

I haven't done a shop update here on the blog for awhile, despite adding new items to my Etsy shop every week. Thought it was about damn time I did! Also want to give a heads up to any spinners reading this, letting you know that I'm increasing my offering of fiber and spinning supplies.

Been getting *loads* of "press" via the Etsy Treasuries. My yarns and fibers have been featured in ELEVEN in the last week alone! This is one of my favorites, and features one of my BOMBatts, 'Peach Melba'. There's still one left, spinners, if you are looking!

Thanks to Amber Alexander, Meri Greenleaf, Doopy Doo, Red Bess Bonney, Kitty Grrlz, Inlerah, Phydeaux, Made of Clay, Blonde Chicken, and Haley Studio for including COLORBOMB products in their Treasuries. They are members of two of the 'Street Teams' I belong to, EtsyFAST and CCCOE - props to my faboo teammates. (The links are to their Etsy shops, where you'll find all manner of Indie giftie goodness; check 'em out!)

I've started making fiber art adornment (read: jewelry), too. I'm calling them 'Neck Baubles'. :) I made some felty beads that look like flowers to me, and strung them on tigertail to make a choker. It turned out so cute! In the shop HERE.

Wore it once to see how it performed, and got rave reviews, from fiber folks no less (I wore it to the tiny animal & fiber show down at the Ferndale Fairgrounds this past Saturday. Also picked up a bit of fiber and a new contact. Whee!) There's another shot of it HERE, just the necklace, if you're interested.

I'll be putting up more of the beads for sale soon, so check back.

I also have a NEW yarn line: Hirsute™: clouds of ethereal corespun singles made from filmy uncarded locks over a millspun mohair yarn. There are 2 up now, 'Peeps on Crack' and 'Purple Haze' - look for 'Humboldt Bud', coming soon.

Finally, I'll share a yarn I made and am hoarding, all for myself. I call it 'Easter Bunny on Acid', and it's a Lockalicious™ yarn. The locks are Cotswald, from The Speckled Ram, just like the locks used in the 2 yarns above. I can't say enough good things about Pepper and her fibers; superb customer service, quick delivery, and an excellent product. Get over to her shop and get you some!!


  1. Wow you were so motivated on Easter to due wool. I have loads to do, I love your new stuff and the peeps on crack. I gave you a shout out on my blog and there are pictures from the Ranch market thing. :P

  2. thanks monkey - i'll go check out the pics. it was good to see you there. will start seeing more of you when farmer's market starts back up.


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