Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Handspun Collective Who?

View my page on Handspun Collective

"Handspun Collective is a network for creative spinners to share ideas, discuss techniques, organize events, collaborate on projects and promote the art of handspun yarn worldwide."

If you haven't found them already, be sure to check out the work of some amazing women making art yarn (links to blogs & shops):

Elizabeth - Spinning on the Edge -
Eva - atomHEART -
Linda - Stoneleafmoon
Holly - - HollyEQQ livejournal -
Naomi -
Barbe - Barbe St. John - Saints & Sinners
Cindy - Know Art -
Reenie - ReenieWhirled - Material
Jacey - Insubordiknit -
Shannon - Monkey Spin, Monkey Do - The Spun

Not all the members, but the ones I know. Super proud to be part of this group.


  1. yay! i'm really excited to be part of this great group of folks, too!

  2. tell me about it! i'm all honored and shit to have my name in such illustrious company. i'll see you there!


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