Friday, February 15, 2008

When VD is a Good Thing

This post was for yesterday, but my internet connection crapped out in the afternoon when I went to post it, so once again I'm a day late and a dollar short. ;)

Had a very nice Valentine's Day myself; you? I finished my hat, Love Lies Bleeding VD, which you see here. Not only do I love it, but now I have a new hat-adorned avatar for Ravelry, so look for me in it there.

Although it turned out a little on the short side (I think it would fit perfectly if it were about 2 rows longer before the decreases), I'm very pleased with it. It is the softest had I've ever made, due to the nature of the lovely mohair locks and alpaca I used in the yarns, and I love the little nipple on the top. I was surprised at how much the fabric biased when knit, but I like the effect. I didn't think the singles were particularly overtwisted, so there's probably a lesson about my spinning to be learned here.

Pattern: improvised
Yarn: COLORBOMB Creations Lockalicious and TnT Plus! handspun
Needles: #9US & #10US Addi Turbos
Started: February 6, 2008
Completed: February 14, 2008

I didn't get to wear it out to dinner last night; Cole came home from work just dog-tired, so we rescheduled our VD dinner reservation for next week. But I wore it at home, for our cozy celebration over Mexican take-out from the yummy restaurant across the street, and I still rocked it. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day all!


  1. I kept caling my friends and asking, "Are you enjoying your VD?". I can't wait till St. Thomas Day (dec 21) so I can call my friends and wish them a Happy STD!

  2. hi VS! heehee, i love VD jokes. ;) didn't know about STD - i'm all for it! haha. ciao!


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