Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Tuesday: Do You Know Where Your Yarn Is?

Just a quick addendum to yesterday's post, and then we move on...

I don't want anyone reading to think that I don't *want* to get older, no, quite the opposite. I feel like surviving a catastrophic car accident like I did means that every day I get since then is just gravy. And I will make an *awesome* old woman! I am a "when I grow old I will wear purple" subscriber all the way. I already have some of the necessary 'tools': I have a *great* old lady name; I'm already a curmudgeon; and I've always wanted blue hair. ;) No, getting old takes fortitude, and stamina, and a freakin' HUGE sense of humor (at least it does if you do it right), and I like to think I have all of those. It's just the damn creaky bones that got me all riled up.

Awright, on to new business. Got new yarn pr0n for ya, another installment of the 2008 Yarn Pirate "Booty Club". Whee! This one is called "I Want Candy", and I can't get the song outta my head! The pink, periwinkle, and gray work nicely together, don't you think? I haven't seen one of her colorways I *don't* like yet. Still need to get my hands on some of the 'Culture Club' pink-lime-gray colorway.

This skein is a tencel/superwash merino blend, and it will be my first exposure to Tencel. Not sure what pattern I will use yet (I still haven't knit up any of her yarn, but I think they are variegated rather than self-striping. But a girl can dream...)

Sold both skeins of LoopyDoopy™ in the 'Petal Pushers' colorway (headed to Oz, yay!), but I had 2 skeins of LoopyDoopy Minis™ in the same fiber that I hadn't gotten good photos of yet. Today the clouds were just right and I got my photo op, so here you go. They're both up on Etsy as we speak for those of you with a COLORBOMB jones, 21yds/19m each, 100% merino on poly thread. Scrumptious! The listing is HERE if you are interested.

Realized that I need to order more yarn to continue on my Big O bag, so I set that aside last night and pulled out the Love Lies Bleeding VD hat. Obviously didn't get *that* far, but I did manage to eke out a few measly inches before losing interest in knitting for the night. I love how the locks look as a border, don't you?

My goal is to finish it before Thursday, so I can wear it to dinner with my sweetie on Valentine's Day ('VD Hat', get it?). We're heading to Abruzzi's (mmmm, pasta carbonara and chocolate decadence, mmmm!!). Got a couple of gift certificates this Christmas, burning holes in our pocketses.

Speaking of the VD hat, here's a picture of me casting on for it, taken last Wednesday at Purl 'n Hurl. AND I'm modeling the Necky Thing, which I showed off wrapped around a beer the week before. I forgot to make a buttonhole (doh!), so no cute pink button like I planned. Instead, I used a vintage daisy brooch from my collection, which works fine as long as you don't need to take it on and off. I've also worn it with a handcarved redwood hair stick, which works great. I have a neon pink advertisement pencil that I want to try in it, too. Lots of options, always good.

This other shot of me was taken by Bea at this month's Midnight Madness at Handmade Memories in McKinleyville (thanks for "letting" me steal the pic, Bea!). I'm working on The Big O, and wearing a hat I made a few years ago from Colinette Point 5. We had great fun again this month, and there was even *more* yarn on sale. After my 'slip' on my knit-from-stash resolution this year, I was mighty glad that I didn't see that the Debbie Bliss Silk got marked 40% off until after it got slurped up by April and Bea. Not really my colors, anyway (hey, a girl's gotta assuage her guilt/disappointment *some*how, right?).

Finally, that's my Cole in the last photo, presenting the $800+ our disc golf club Par Infinity raised at this year's Ice Bowl last month to Greg of the Northcoast Environmental Center. Wish we'd chosen that charity last year, so we could have turned over the funds to my friend the late, great Tim McKay before he passed. Still, a worthy cause. Go Par Infinites!


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    i can't get that song outta my head either...

  2. ha, i'll bet! nice seeing you getting a chance to read blogs before you turn into a momster. ;)

  3. Mmmm. Loopilicious.

  4. You are a rockin' "old" lady! The aches and pains are just a bonus! LOL.


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