Saturday, January 05, 2008

NEW Yarn Style & a 2nd Shop Update

Didn't get enough yesterday? There's more, including a new yarn line called WoolyBearCub™ (see below). First, the yarns that I put up on Etsy today. Get 'em quick, as 2 of the 3 I put up yesterday are already gone!

COLORBOMB Creations Handspun Art Yarns & Fibery Goodness

Yarn Style: WoolyBear™
Colorway: 'Tequila Sunrise'
40yds./36m., 3.4oz./98g., 4-5WPI
(More avail. upon request)

Nothing but wool here! 100% Polypay wool, in uncarded fuzzy-felty singles in the yellows, oranges, and reds of a Tequila Sunrise cocktail; bright! The lumpy-bumpy texture is a design element, so use an extra-big needle or hook to take full advantage of the furryness. Super-Bulky weight. On Etsy.

Yarn Style: WoolyBearCub™
Colorway: 'Cyanotic Heart'
71yds./64m., 3.4oz./98g., 7-8WPI

The first of the new WoolyBearCub™ yarns, little brother to WoolyBear™. Same fuzzy-felty texture, just smaller gauge! This one is 100% Corriedale wool in a lovely heliotrope, and is just the right amount to make your loved one something for Valentine's Day. Aran weight. On Etsy.

Yarn Style: WoolyBear™
Colorway: 'Kiss Me'
50yds./45m., 3.8oz./107g., 5WPI

Nothing but wool here! Uncarded fuzzy-felty singles in HOT pink. Super-Bulky weight. This one's mine, ALL MINE! (Too bad for you! LOL!!) Help me decide what to make with it!

Yarn Style: WoolyBear™
Colorway: 'Bruised Ego'
53yds./48m., 3.7oz./104g., 5WPI

Another like 'Kiss Me', this one is a late holiday gift for my friend Lisa. Hers is dyed in winey-purple and black, but it's equally poofy & fuzzy. She makes the most amazing hats! Who knows what she'll come up with for this one?

Yarn Style: (S)craptastic™
Colorway: 'Pink Poodle2'
49yds./44m., 4.8oz./136g., 6WPI

A base of red and pink wool chock-full of lace, sparkle, pompons, alpaca, vintage thread, feathers, and yarn scraps, all in pink, red, and fuschia. So bright, so pretty, and very 3-dimensional! Super-Bulky weight. Sorry, this was is a commission, so it's already spoken for. Just thought I'd show you what I've been up to, and what you can have if you ask!

So, probably no need to tell you what *I've* been up to the last few days! My pictures are getting MUCH better, don't you think? Still takes me a fair amount of time for all the non-spinning parts of selling yarn, though. And there's 9 more yarns to go...


  1. I was trying to decide which color or which yarn I like best but I just can't. I love them all! I think the poodley one is the most interesting but each has it's own personality. Very well done!

  2. thanks, loopy! the Poodle is *definitely* my favorite... my color, and i'm all about the texture. hard to let go...


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