Sunday, January 06, 2008

I've Got the Coolest Customers!

The weather was all wrong here for a good photo shoot, so no new yarns to show you. Instead, I want to share some of the amazing creations my awesome customers have made using COLORBOMB Creation yarns. And if you are reading this, and you've used COLORBOMB yarns in one of your projects, please consider sharing a photo with me so I can point people to your work.

I get questions from people all the time, asking me what can be made using my "unusual" yarns. Now you know! I am in awe of the creativity of crafters. The plan is to make this a regular feature of Velma's World, so you can see some of the possibilities of knitting with handspun.

First up, is lara68's Green Zerbert Hat. Lara combined 45 yards of COLORBOMB LoopyDoopy™ in the 'Redwood Worms' colorway with Malabrigo 'Chunky' to make this awesome topper. I particularly like the uncoiled supercoils she used for the tassel on the top and earflaps. There's a shot of it being modeled by her mannequin, Verena, in her set HERE which shows off the topknot and tassels better. She used the Cosima pattern by Cathy Carron in Hip Knit Hats for this project. Want to see more of her work? If you are on Ravelry, she's known as lara68 there, too. No blog, but her Flickr profile will tell you to more about her and her knitting.

Next up is knitstashlet (on Flickr - on Ravelry she's stashlet), and the faboo bag she made as a gift for her boss (boy, she must really like her boss!). It is made from the 'Silver Bells' colorway of COLORBOMB BOMBastic Holiday™ yarn, plus some 'Touch Me' from Muench. The pattern? It is the Soft Drawstring Pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Halvorson. My favorite part of this project is the way the pompons and tassels dangel from the sides, like decorations on a Chanukkah bush. And wasn't she clever to make glittery silver i-cord for the drawstring to match?

OK, now for a slew of bitchin' hats from my friend and über customer, knitsocks. Her talent blows my mind! She looks at my yarns, and just *knows* what they want to be. There's this hat, made from COLORBOMB Singular TnT™ in 'End of October'. It is the 'Spiral Hat' by Elizabeth Zimmerman for Vogue Knitting (I think). For another shot, go HERE and see it on her glass head. I can't get over how much I LOVE those colors! Makes me wish I'd hung on to that yarn, but clearly it was destined for her head. Now I want to make one like it, particularly since I learned that one of the names that EZ referred to this style was as a 'Dairy Queen Hat'; I'm definitely a DQ girl!

But that's not all from our knitsocks. She also made this Circular Brioche Cap, using COLORBOMB Feltanschung™ 'Halloween Candy' yarn, unspun Icelandic yarn, and a Meg Swanson pattern of the same name. You can see a shot on the glass head HERE, but you've *really* got to check out THIS SHOT of the top of the hat, which is so cool.

OK, maybe it's just me, but this one sure reminds me (in a good way, a very good way) of one of those crochet beer can hats from the 70s. Or like window panes in a cathedral. Either way, lowbrow or high, it's a great hat.

Finally, I give you this stunner, the (to me) retro-feeling New Wave Tam, which knitsocks made from COLORBOMB (S)craptastic yarn, 'Grave Robber', and more unspun Icelandic wool. The obligatory glass head shot is HERE. (For some reason, I really like saying "glass head".) She's promised to work up a pattern for this one, so check back here. I've got me some (S)craptastic in my stash that I'm wanting to work up! Wanna see more of her stuff? Check out her blog and her Ravelry presence.

A big thanks to all the artists for giving me permission to share their work!! And no more complaining you don't know what to do with handspun art yarn, 'kay? ;)

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    It is cool to see what people make the yarn into I really like the Circular Brioche cap!

  2. yep, that knitsocks is a talented girl!


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