Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Felicitations!

How much do you love the holiday season? I ADORE the holidays! I'm just a big kid who can't wait for Santa to arrive. The tree, the lights, the cards from friends far and wide, the parties, the decorations, the music, oh don't get me started on how much I love the music! And don't forget the prezzies. I do love a good surprise, and if it's a gift, too, well, I am as happy as a pig in a poke.

I was so busy spinning up lots of yarn that I ran out of time and energy to decorate the lovely tree Cole found for us on the property where he's been working. (A hearty "thanks!" to the owners, who let him play lumberjack.) So, we just put twinkly lights on it this year and called it good. Simple but lovely, I think, with plenty of room beneath for packages.

We had a smallish Christmas this year, but a great one. Cole can't wait for his new (old & bartered) lathe to arrive, and I can't wait either because it means I'll be getting some handmade tools soon. It is so nice having a boy with skillz around the house. In addition to some other fun presents, he made me this rack to show off my yarns. That's me, in the crazy xmas tree hat, with it there. Now I'm ready for any craft shows that may come my way.

I also got this awesome t-shirt from Varuna and Michelle, Cole's brother & sister-in-law. I feel like a right tart when I wear it! It was a big hit at knit-night this week. It's hard to see it, but I'm also modeling the little glass heart pendant Cole got me, which reminds me of all the heart-shaped rocks he finds and lays at my feet.

And his feet were warm, wearing the socks I knit for him. He also loved the felted beer coozie I made him. (Check back for FO pictures to come, I've got a *bunch* to share.)

And, I *finally* ordered our engagement rings, and they arrived in time for Christmas. They are stainless steel, and worn on the 'social' finger (heehee), and they're -- get this! -- bottle openers! We love them very much, and they've been getting a workout already, it being Celebration Ale season.

After all that, the only thing left was the traditional Christmas ram, expertly executed by Santa Cole.

Happy Holidays, all!


  1. How totally cool. That's what I call a rockin' holiday!

  2. Happy Holidays! Dig the Giant Tiki in the background!

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Hey Velma,
    Sorry we weren't able to catch up on the phone. We love our gifts from you guys and it sounds like the same on your end. Glad the shirt fits;)
    Never heard back from you about that package you wanted us to pick up? Did you get it?


  4. Thanks, all! Yes, 'twas a very good holiday. Gearing up for the new year now.

    VS - Isn't that tiki cool? I bought it from the artist in So. Cal. The palm tree from which it was carved was in a movie in the '20s!

    HI MICHELLE! I keep meaning to call you, and thank you personally. Glad you like the gifts. The package got shipped, I just keep forgetting to let you know (bad Velma). Expect to hear from me this week, 'kay? xo

  5. Anonymous5:31 PM

    What a very happy Christmas with a wonderful family♪
    I am enviable!

  6. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Me again.
    Please come to watch my blog.
    because I updated a special Art yarn to you♪

  7. Oh, Ayako, it is SPECTACULAR!!! You are the sweetest! I just love it. I tried to comment on your blog but I did something wrong and it didn't work. I PM'ed you on Ravelry. Hugs, V

  8. Oh my gosh, your rings are awesome!

    --Pam (knitpam)

  9. thanks pam! we really love 'em. :)


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