Monday, December 31, 2007

End o' Year STUFF

Well, it's down to the last few hours of 2007, on this continent, anyway. Thought I'd squeeze in one last post, and hopefully you'll find something in here to interest you while you wait for the ball to drop.

Got a couple of FOs to share with you that you haven't seen yet. Somehow just didn't find the time 'til now. The first one is the hat you see on the left: Dread (K)naught Hat. (In this photo, btw, I see my mother's face. Weird, huh?) Here's the pertinent details for your amusement.

Pattern: Improvised (reverse stockinette stitch pattern)
Yarn: COLORBOMB Creations LoopyDoopy™ in 'Spring Carnival' colorway
Needles: #10/6mm 12" Addi Turbos
Started: November 21, 2007
Completed: November 28, 2007

This was a really fun hat to make (and wear); I waited a long time to use this particular yarn, waiting for just the right project to present itself. The side tassels remind me of dreads (hence the name), and is the closest you'll ever come to seeing me with them. And I really like how the LoopyDoopy yarn looks knit up... the purl stitch really makes the supercoils POP! (Check out the closeup on the right.) And the whole thing took less than 70yds. to make!

Cole got 2 handmade knit items from Santa this year, and loved 'em both. I figured he was probably tired of getting hats every year, so this year I busted out socks and a beer coozie. Both are a perfect fit! (I've got to restrain myself, because we share both shoe size and beer size. Gots to make me some of my own!) That's him on the left trying on the socks Christmas morning. Want to know the details? 'Kay, here they are:

Pattern: Noro Quick Socks from Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2007
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, unknown colorway
Needles: #4US Pony Pearl 5" DPNs
Started: September 2007
Completed: December 2007

And the coozie, well, that's fulled and then needle-felted. Cool, huh? I needle-felted Cole's disc golf nickname on it (so when he's drinking, he won't forget it's his. Hee.) Oh, and note the destroyed can on the right; that's what happens to a PBR can when it's run through a cycle in the washing machine -- doh! I was going to knit myself one, out of my very first handspun, but decided that felting it would just ruin that special yarn. But his turned out so great, I've *got* to make myself one. Here's the details:

Pattern: Just Cozy, from Just Knitting Around
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky, M-56 'Clematis' colorway
Needles: #15US Pony Pearl DPNs
Started: December 12, 2007
Completed: December 18, 2007

Finally, check out this AWESOME hat I made myself, using handspun and pattern from Material Whirled (thanks, Reenie!). I used this pic as my holiday avatar all month, and got lots of positive feedback. I call it my Xmas Hatmas.

Pattern: Christmas Tree Hat by Reenie Hanlin
Yarn: Material Whirled handspun
Needles: #10.5US Addi Turbos
Started: December 2005
Completed: December 2, 2007

Please note the *ridiculous* timeframe for knitting; I knit about 4" in 2005, then put it away and forgot about it. Found it this year and put it to good use. I'm such a procrastinating dork.

I also wore it to this year's Purl 'n Hurl CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH holiday yarn exchange, and a patron from another table liked it so much he came over to find out where I'd purchased it; boy was he sad when he found out he couldn't go get one himself without making it.

Ok, well, that's all the blogging energy I can summon this year. Check back next year (ok, tomorrow) for my 1st ever New Year's resolutions!


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I see you made my Beer Can Cozy...yours turned out really good, thanks for the link! I hope the recipient liked it.


  2. He loved it! The pattern was easy-peasy, thanks for sharing it. Cheers, Velma


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