Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Isn't this the most glorious way to start the new year? I had to get up to pee this morning, at 7:33 if you must know, and this lovely sight is what greeted me. Lucky girl!

After making us a yummy breakfast, Cole is off in the garage, puttering and playing with his new lathe from Santa. He's a happy boy, that one. Although I haven't yet found a project for him to make me using his new tool, after seeing a picture of the picker spinygora's husband made her, I think I'll go find the plans on eBay and push *that* project to the top of the list!

So, I read somewhere (probably on Ravelry) that it is considered good luck in some circles to cast on a new project on the 1st day of the new year. With that in mind, and thinking that you simply can't have too much good luck, I started the Valentine Elf Topper. No pic yet, so I just put the yarn from my stash here.

Pattern: Elf Cap by Michelle Heyman in Handknit Holidays
Yarn: Rowan Biggy Print in 'Tickle'
Needles: #15US Addi Turbos
Started: January 1, 2008
Completed: n/a

My other current (active) WIP is the Band of Mystery Hat! Responding to a call-for-knitters by Jacie of Insubordiknit fame, I was the happy recipient of a whole PILE of her ecstatic handspun art yarn, which I am putting to use by freeforming them into a hat to be worn by a member of an as-yet-unnamed band in a video. At least, that's how I understand it. Anyway, I'm a little behind, seeing as I have to get it to her by the 15th. But I work very well under pressure! Here are the details for those interested:

Pattern: improvised freeform knit/crochet hat
Yarn: various handspun art yarns by Insubordiknit
Needles & Hooks: multiple
Started: December 14, 2007
Completed: n/a

This is the perfect start to my participation in Stash Knit-Down 2008. The idea behind this is to shop from your stash before hitting that 'add to cart' button or heading down to your LYS for a shopping spree. Considering I have 25 MILES of yarn in my stash already, it seems like the sensible thing to do. It doesn't preclude buying yarn all year, just gets me thinking in a "use-what-you-have-first" mindset. Not sure if I'll meet the January Challenge: Knit a Mile, but worth a try... Look for the button to appear in the sidebar with the total yardage I've knit in 2008 beneath it. Cool beans, huh?

As promised, here are my 2008 New Year's Resolutions (please note: this is the first time in my 43.5 years that I've jumped on this particular bandwagon, so no promises as to my stick-to-it-iveness):
  1. I Resolve to blog at least 2x/week in '08
  2. I Resolve to shop from my stash before buying new yarn in '08
  3. I Resolve to finish my Central Park Hoodie in '08, come hell or high water
Looking for more? Here's a new online art 'zine, published by my online friend Cindy: the Studioloo Magazine. In the inaugaral Jan08 issue, she talks about pumpkins, The Yarn Museum, the band Lolligags, artist Twinkie Chan, Corn Chowder, and Shrink Vision. Intrigued? get it FREE at Studioloo. If you're on Ravelry, she's got a group there, too.

Still need more? (My, aren't *you* needy! ;) Check out the Dec. 15 issue of Yarnival and the Winter '07 Knitty.

Happy New Year, all!!


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Happy New Year to you & Cole! I am also working on the posting blogs resolution....off to put one up right now....you caught the sunrise...I caught the sunset:)
    Love you guys,
    M & V

  2. Excellent list of resolutions. I am simply resolving to be healthier and live longer. That way, noone can call me on it! Ha! Happy New Year and good luck!

  3. The sunrise picture...I see a colorway in your future. :)

    --Pam (knitpam)

  4. hi michelle! yay, more blog posts from you!! i went to check last night, but it looks like you've got the blog down for 'cleaning'. ;) i'll try to be patient...

    ooh, loopy, good choices! i'm behind you all the way on that.

    great idea, pam, i like it. i did a pink & blue yarn in '07 (gender wars), which took *forever* to sell, but i might make one with softer colors.

  5. (I'm not sure if this will be a repost)

    About the color--when I look at the sunrise picture, the predominant color is black which makes the sky that much more beautiful (especially through the thousands of branches), so I am imagining black with a little bit of lighter colors. That picture is just amazing and inspirational to me.

    I liked the gender wars yarn especially the big ol' nubs.

    :) Pam

  6. Silly me, didn't even *think* of the black! Excellent idea. Will have to add it to my idea list, thanks. Glad you liked the nubby Gender Wars, too!

  7. Anonymous4:05 AM

    That's a really beautiful picture of the tree. I couldn't pick which of your yarns or projects to enthuse over, so trees it is! They really are amazing though.

    (Here from the CLF ring.)

  8. hi kaet! i think you're my 1st CLFer! good to 'meet' you. ;)

    glad you like the tree; we went very simple this year. i see a big blowout xmas in our future for 'o8!


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