Saturday, December 15, 2007

Excuses, Exercises, & Excellent /Edible Yarn

As anyone who has perused this blog more than once knows all too well, I am blogging-challenged. Despite the best of intentions, I find it increasingly difficult to eke out even the simplest posts on any kind of regular basis. I've used every excuse in the book (no time, no energy, no internet...), but I suppose it all comes down to motivation. I just can't seem to find any. I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions, but 2008 might just be different. I might just have to resolve to blog regularly next year. Check back, see how it goes. In the meantime, we can only do what we can do. So here's a wee blog post for ya.

I found a link (via cashmerefarmer on Ravelry) to a the 5-5-5 Workout for crafters. I've had increasing wrist/elbow/shoulder problems as I've gotten more involved in knitting, crochet, and spinning full-time, and this workout is 'crafted' to stretch muscles and tendons in the hands, hopefully postponing the day where you are laid up with an injury. Knit safely!

On the spinning front, I participated in Spin Challenge #4 at The Yarn Museum. The criteria: "Spin a yarn that is made from edible materials. No, it does not have to taste good." This challenge was much more difficult than I anticipated. My original plan was to incorporate myriad "ingredients" into the yarn, using the quill attachment for my Lendrum, but abandoned that because neither my quill skills nor most of the ingredients proved up to the task. The final product, 10 yards of singles 12WPI twine-texture yarn I call 'Cornhulio', is composed of corn husks, red & yellow onion skins, tomatillo skins, and dried serrano chilis. I soaked all the materials in warm water before spinning, then ended up tying the lengths of corn husks together as I spun, with the other materials wrapped in along the length of the skein. This is a 100% "edible" yarn. (Wish I had a goat to feed it to.)

There were 3 other entries in this challenge, with crazy materials like gum & edible panties, carrot greens & habaneros, and seaweed & sardines. Go check out the submissions and vote for your favorite at Pluckyfluff's blog.

Lots of WIPs and FOs with pics, and TONS of new COLORBOMB Creations handspun yarn, all coming soon (promise). So come back! Please!


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    YEAH! More blogging from Velma :-)
    Looking forward to seeing what you've been creating!

  2. Anonymous4:08 AM

    alas v, i hate to tell you this...but, mr. mark brown the goat
    would not touch your cornhulio with a ten foot pole

    though edible
    not by goat

  3. EGMTK, haha! you crack me up! thanks for the vote of confidence.

    R: seriously, is mark brown a racist goat who doesn't like mexican food, or what? ;) i'm guessing it's the peppers he'd object to? anyway, i kinda realized that 'edible' is a stretch with my yarn. i liked the seaweed + sardine yarn the best myself.

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    you figured out it was me...and I figured out how to comment without having to remember my stinking pass and user name, which I can never's not that the Brown is racist, he is simply a picky browser...I think he would be more into the edible undies...w/o long as they hadn't been fondled too much..wink!

  5. i am clever that way, yes? ;)

    i didn't actually think MB is racist, just a gastronome. who can blame him? i woulna want to eat my yarn either.

    as for the panty yarn, he can have it. my fave was the seaweed & sardines!



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