Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photo Angst

I've got my panties in a bunch and I'm feeling peevish; it's all the fault of my photo software. Damn you ZoomBrowser! Fie on Photoshop Elements! I have an inordinate amount of trouble getting decent shots of my handspun, and really, what else do potential customers have to go on but the pics I provide? Huh? WTF?? (Deep breath...) So, while I dick around with my camera settings, I give you this screen shot, which I took a few days ago while watching Roseanne re-runs (I can't help it; I find her hi-larious). I'm off to try yet again to process my pictures. Think good thoughts.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Sending good thoughts & love....
    M & V

  2. hi sweetie! i'm drafting you an email as we speak! you must be psychic. :) xo

  3. Did I ever tell you I worked in a Yarn shop with the Producer of Rosanne's Wife?
    True Story

  4. no, i don't think you did! was she nice? must have been a real boon having a discount at your LYS. :)

  5. Hey V -- do you have a grey card? If not, I think getting one is the best thing you can do to capture colors the way you want them. They cost like $30, but they are soooo useful for correcting colors. And that's hugely important to your business. That... plus borrowing a monitor calibrator from someone, so you know grey is really grey. Maybe you're all over it already, if so, forgive the butt-insky-ness.


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