Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yet Another WIP

Working through my pile of UFOs, almost done with Noro Socks for Cole. I think I'll make myself some soon, 'cuz they are so cushy and warm; they'll be great indoor socks, or boot socks (the Kureyon is kinda thick). The one that is finished is a perfect fit (yay!), and since our feet are almost exactly the same size (what are the odds?), I can wear 'em too. Hopin' to finish second one tonight at Purl 'n Hurl.

: Noro Quick Socks from Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2007
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, unknown colorway
Needles: #4US Pony Pearl 5" DPNs
Started: September 2007
Completed: n/a


  1. OMG I have never heard of a Purl 'n Hurl and I love it!

  2. hee hee, that's the name i gave our stitch n bitch. ;)


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