Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yesterday a FO, Today a WIP

I didn't knit much for awhile, but I'm back on the needle (heehee) and I'm working my way through my UFO bags (yes, 'bags', plural -- I can't believe how many abandoned projects I've accumulated). The Ravelry group, Finish Me, that's giving me just the kick in the butt motivation I so desperately need.

So, I picked up my languishing Central Park Hoodie from last year, which I'd avoided working on because I had 316 stitches to pick up for the button bands. I think I'd rather have a rectal exam than pick up 316 stitches; that's how much I hate picking. up. freakin'. STITCHES! But they're all behind me now, as are my very first buttonholes (wheee!), which look just perfect if I must say so myself. That's the left band on the left, sans buttons, and that's the right band on the, well, the right (how clever am I?)

All that's left is the seaming. Woot! Woot!


  1. Love the green yarn! What kind is it? The purple and green combination always reminds me of the Joker from Batman. I love it!

  2. I think that's the best green I have ever seen! 316 is a crap of a lot of stitches! Bravo!

  3. thanks, meg! it is irish donegal tweed, purchased from ceol-deas on ebay. and that's a good image, btw.

    hi loopy! i lurve me some acid green. but i hates the frickin' pickin'. ;)

  4. That really IS a fantastic green, and I think it will look great on you. Congrats on overcoming the dreaded highway of stitches you had to pick up.

    Doesn't it feel great finally finishing those orphaned projects?

  5. thanks chellec! and no kidding, i can't wait to get through all those freakin' UFOs and get on to bigger and better projects.

    My CPH is taking a break while I knit a bolero with overpriced yarn I got on sale...but I think I may need a few more skeins and the yarn is sold out on the sale site....Ugh full price!

  7. thank you for your vote of confidence, scrapper! i need to figure out how i'm going to block it before seaming. i forgot that i don't have a blocking board, and we live in a very moist climate (where it takes forever for things to dry) so i don't want to use one of the substitute items (like our bed). i was worried i was going to run out of yarn too, and it isn't avail. any longer, so was *very* happy that didn't happen. good luck!


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