Monday, November 05, 2007

Do You Ravel?

I have fallen into the vortex that is Ravelry. Big time. It is just a carnival-ride of fiber fun! Are you in yet? Yes? Look me up and add me as a friend -- I'm velmalikevelvet there. No? Get thee over HERE and put your name on the waiting list, pronto. It's still in beta, and they are adding wannabes as fast as their nimble fingers can type in email invites.

If you have somehow managed to avoid hearing about Ravelry (like, you've been in Estonia learning to make folk socks or something), check out the "What the hell is Ravelry?" sneak peak, complete with screen shots. And there's more info here.

What you have to look forward to once you're in:
  • index of your knitting/crochet projects
  • project queue
  • stash inventory
  • massive group forums
  • pattern and yarn browsers
  • so much more (!)
That sounded bor-ing. It's not, but you'll just have to trust me 'til you're in.

COLORBOMB 'Obnoxious Hat'I know you're wondering what I've been doing over there (admit it, you're curious). Well, I started two forum groups, Purl 'n Hurl Humboldt (the Rav-presence for our local SnB) and Shoes + Socks = LUST (for lovers of shoes and handknit socks; we share shoe porn links). My yarns are there too (I even bought my first adverts; that's one down at the bottom of the post). And there's yarn pr0n! I've just bought Yarn Pirate, Vesper, and Lorna's Laces sock yarn from 3 different destashing Ravelers. (Beware: this site can be dangerous to your pocketbook). I've found the motivation there to finish a couple of UFOs, too. You're looking at a picture of 'Obnoxious Hat', made from Material Whirled handspun I've had sitting around for a couple of years. I winged it, no pattern, just an idea, in crochet. I love the look of the brim; makes me feel like a baddass snowboard-punk when I wear it (which, of course, I am emphatically not). And I'm almost done with my Central Park Hoodie, which has been languishing on the needles for 2 YEARS waiting for me to pick up 316 stitches for the button bands. Which I've now done. Yay me! And done the buttonholes, a first. All that's left is seaming, so look for another FO shot soon.

Name: Obnoxious Hat
Begun: October 26, 2007
Finished: October 27, 2007
Tools: K/6.5mm crochet hook
Materials: Material Whirled handspun, 'Obnoxious'
Pattern: Improvised.


  1. Oh yes. Ravelry has been sucking time out of my life since July.

  2. Great hat! You freeforming wonder you. It was great meeting you over on Ravelry and finding your blog. Keep finishing those projects, I love to see them. Maybe it will inspire me to finish a few of my own.

  3. heehee, thank you! it *is* fun making all these new online friends through ravelry. glad you like the hat, and i'll try to keep cranking projects.


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