Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Yarn Hangs at the Yarn Museum

Hey, I *totally* forgot to post about this! I submitted my Halloween-themed yarn 'Fly Swatter' (shown here) to The Yarn Museum for their Halloween exhibit, and it was accepted. Thanks to Linda Scharf for starting this wonderful site, which is dedicated to showcasing the work of handspun yarn artists worldwide.

COLORBOMB Creations Handspun Art Yarn
Yarn Style: Bombastic Holiday™
Colorway: 'Fly Swatter'
84yds./76m., 4.4oz./126g.
7WPI - Bulky

Festive Halloween-themed wool singles with 1in. plastic flies, 2in. poly tassels, eyelash yarn bits, and poly thread spun in. All in black and pumpkin-orange. There are 8yds./7m. w/o embellishments at start of skein.

Sorry to all you yarn-coveters out there, but this skein is SOLD (congrats to my uber-customer, Knitsocks, for becoming the lucky owner). But look for CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH holiday-themed yarns coming soon to COLORBOMB Creations.

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  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    This is amazing yarn...I love it


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