Monday, May 21, 2007

Have You Seen This Blog?

In the vein of short posts studded with happy links, I give you this:

Their motto: "OUT WITH THE OLD TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW!" Site for selling/swapping yarn, fiber, needles, books - anything fiber-related. You can join to post or just browse to buy. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Cash for your stash?!


    But, ah -- what's all that yarn getting bought & sold for?

    Can ya smoke it??

    Only in Humbolt County...

    Anyway I thought I'd drop by to remind you:

    I owe you a story.

    Hope all is groovy,
    Mike E

  2. too funny, dude! good to hear from you again. gives me an incentive/reminder to go see what shenanigans you've been up to.


  3. Hi, you left a comment on my rainbow socks. the Yarn is from an Indy dyer in Canberra australia,
    she sells on ebay, when she is not too busy with university/work
    thanks for the friendly comments. Gemma

  4. Flip-flop toe on monsoon is from the "Fiber Trends" pattern "Toe Jazz". not sure about copy rights.

  5. gemma - thanks for letting me know! looks like she must be busy right now, nothing on eBay, but i'll check back. found her dyeing tutorial, too. hope to see you here again. cheers!

    kathleen - thanks much. i also discovered it is in a spun magazine sock article -
    stop in again sometime!


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