Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Helmut Helmet

I made another stab at a crochet hat over the weekend, and this is it. I again modified the Interweave Crochet pattern I based my Jughead hat on, this time using the soy/wool yarn that OneSassyTart sent me for SP9. I added a neck-flap to the back in this one, and used the suggested stitch pattern.


Name: Helmut Helmet
Begun: Feb. 18, 2007
Finished: Feb. 19, 2007
Tools: H/8mm crochet hook
Materials: 1.25 skeins Patons SWS (wool + soy)
Pattern: My own design based on the earflap hat pattern in Interweave Knits Special Issue Crochet, winter 2004/05, pp. 94-95.

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  1. Who is Helmut

  2. just a clever name, zeep.

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    That's awesome V! Too bad I don't know how to crochet.

  4. thanks, t! you shouild give it a try, it's easy-peasy. i learned in a 2hr. class at my lys.

  5. what about your "central park hoodie"?

    maybe you could leave "piggie holes" in the hood and the resemblance to a hat would push you to finish...

    it does have a hat bit after all

    I want to see you wearing it...


  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I'm so glad you're enjoying hte soy wool!

  7. rebecca!! funny you should mention the hoodie. i'm working on a UFO as we speak, and she's up next. i like your idea. i think i already finished the hood though. hmmm. we'll see.

    thanks, jess, didn't it work well in the helmet?

  8. See, I plan on working on something like that for my niece for next christmas, only add I-cords at the bottom of the ear flaps, and some kid friendly colors, and it's exactly what is in my head.

    If you work it a bit bigger, and then decide to full or felt it, that Patons works great for that purpose, and makes the hat a little bit more durable too (and also you know it'll keep its shape if you give it away, because it's already been pre-shrunk).

  9. thanks for the tip on felting patons. since this has soy in it, i wonder if it really would felt, though...

    good luck w/ the one in your head!


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