Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey, She Can Crochet!

Check out the hat I made over the weekend, using my new crochet skills acquired on Friday when I took a 2hour beginning crochet class at my LYS (thanks, Ari). This is my first real attempt at crochet, and boy am I pleased.

It started out as the earflap hat in the 2004 special issue of Interweave Crochet, but my inner creatrix took over and I added a point at the top, pointy earflaps instead of round ones, and embellished it with vintage Czech glass buttons (you can see one in the closeup below). Not only that, but apparently I didn't quite absorb all the intricacies of the half-double crochet stitch, because I inadvertantly 'invented' a new stitch. I left out one yarn over on each stitch, and voila!, I made the entire hat in what I am calling 'reverse double-half crochet'. The LYS girls and I think that it looks like horizontal stripes of vertical knit stockinette stitch. The inside looks more like crochet, and I could have turned it inside out if I'd liked the look of that better.

Name: Jughead Hat
Begun: Feb. 2, 2007
Finished: Feb. 5, 2007
Tools: K/10.5/6.5mm crochet hook
Materials: 1skein Noro Iro (wool + silk), 2 vintage Czech glass buttons
Pattern: Based on the earflap hat pattern in Interweave Knits Special Issue Crochet, winter 2004/05, pp. 94-95.


  1. Awesome! Love the colors and the little elvin point. You have mastered the crochet!

  2. thanks for the compliment, bea. i'm pretty pleased with myself about this one.

    i wore it to the market yesterday, and one of the cashiers, a woman in her 50s i'd say, wants to buy one w/o earflaps. very rewarding.

    see you thursday!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    YEAH! so pretty.

  4. thanks, girl! see you tomorrow too? i hope. xo

  5. Love the hat and the vintage glass button is great.

    You always have such interesting things pictured on your blog!

  6. I love you Jughead hat. The colors are great!

  7. thanks, sgeddes and jessica!

    i try to knit things that i can't find to buy, so my stuff tends to the unusual. glad my aesthetic strikes a cord.


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