Friday, January 26, 2007

Who Am I?

According to the MyHeritage program, here's who I look like:

It should be noted that it says I *also* look like Stan Lee, Peter Sellers, and Robin Gibb. Hmm. I prefer the Kim Novak comparison, myself. I don't see Fiona or Janeane at all.


  1. OOOooohhhh!

    Nana Mouskouri!

    You lucky dog!

    I tried to check that out a bit ago but alas
    Mac is pc

  2. it wouldn't do it on a mac? that surprises. i didn't get the impression that it was computer-specific.

    send me a headshot and i'll run it for you...

    nana mouskouri RULES!! (although i think i most resemble felicity huffman).


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