Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Hour

This is my most recent handspun, "Happy Hour", created (very belatedly) for the Oct. 27 Fiber Friday theme of the same name. I think I am more enamoured of this yarn than any other that I have made. (More pics here and here). I even got to spin in the sun yesterday, during a break in the rainy weather; there's a photo of it here).

114 yards
3.1 oz.
~7 wpi
single ply
wool, novelty yarn, angelina, threads

I (finally) used this batt sent to me by YarnPunk in a fiber swap we did last spring (thanks, Elizabeth!). I incorporated all the fiber except a little of the periwinkle roving, which I might knit in as-is to the final piece; I'll also carry the threaded pom-pons along as I knit, as I didn't spin them in (this allows me easier placement as I knit, a la YarnWench). I didn't use the fabric or the tulle, as I couldn't figure out how to spin with them; that's one of my next spinning goals, to learn how to do that.

Now that I am addicted to spinning with batts, I'm going to have to fork over the dough to get a drum carder. Planning on getting a Strauch, but can't decide between the Petite and the Finest. But it's a third more, $390 vs. $624. I recently passed up an almost-new Double-Wide for $700, 200 clams under retail, all because the seller bugs me (yeah, I'm a dork like that, it's just how I roll). Sigh. But it's probably more than I need now anyway. Although who knows when I'll be glad I bought a workhorse? I've always tried to get the best possible tools for any job, and (IMHO) this is it.

Off to write the Purl 'n Hurl update for last night's SnB; check it out. Have a great weekend, all.


  1. GREAT handspun - I love the colors!

  2. thank YOU, trill! they are just my absolute fave colors to work with and to wear.

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I think Happy Hour is my fav too!! I love those colors - happy hour how apropos!!

  4. thank you tienne! all it needs is a little cocktail umbrella...

  5. OMG! It's gorgeous!!! I can't tell you how I wish I could spin. And as for the seller bugging you...I can buy my fave sock yarn at the LYS 2 miles from my house for $11 but instead drive 10 miles to my fave LYS and pay $18 for it instead...just because the LYS owner 2 miles from me bugs me. ;-)

  6. drum carder...

    Given your chaotic genius, I say go for the big know you want to anyhoo, why be limited to tables edge when you can be in the middle of the middle...

    think of it

    nice yarn by the way

    I'm home sick...too much time on my hands...bored as can be...can you tell???

    I was going to see the bunny lady at the farmers market today to buy some scarf yarn, but I found out she raised her price to $65 a skein

    do you have another source for nice angora?

  7. my on line angora search provided this:

    take a peek at the other examples of pre made goodness

    my god I'm bored

  8. i'm not sure the bunny lady raised her prices; did you ask? about a year ago i bought a 4oz skein from her (acid green, can't you just picture it?!?), and i paid.... wait for it...

    $120 (gasp!)

    i was drunk with bunny love, and couldn't help myself. when i photographed my stash recently, and came across it, i'd forgotten how much i'd sprung for it, and i asked eileen what the hell she was thinking when she 'let' me buy it, she just rolled her eyes and looked at me, like 'are you kidding me???

    as for the link to the panties, whooo-hoo! i saw a site a couple years ago, don't remember where but if you're *really* bored you could search for it: she makes FULL BODY SUITS out of angora! you'd have to live in the arctic for that, i think.

  9. $120.00 FOR A SKEIN???

    Jesus H. Crimeny! That's outrageous!

    I bought a skein of "Taffy" last year... yes, Taffy is the name of the bun, for $45.00

    perhaps it was less because it was au naturel, un-dyed

    next spring when I brush Mark Brown, the goat, I will make sure that it gets to you this time, dirty and free, creamy white with brown

  10. yeah, it's embarrassing. 4oz. is a LOT of angora, though. her mohair is inexpensive, about $10 for a big skein.

    i look forward to giving it a shot w/ mark brown, dirt and all.

    i did pick up some loose angora fiber at the fiber fest in redway, and i picked the bunny lady's brain yesterday on how to spin it, so we'll see...


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