Thursday, November 09, 2006

Before and After

The Workspace: Before

The Workspace: After

Those great shots of the felted bowls? Had to, really had to clean the kitchen table for enough space to take them. 'Course, it's already covered in fiber-related stuff again: huge pile of Noro scraps; Hallowig; bowl of yarn from stash for a new project I'm working on (shhh, more soon); dirty wine glass with dregs of last night's red wine; stack of knitting patterns; aforementioned felt bowls, upturned and still drying; a tangelo; Cole's coffee mug; the cap from a Celebration ale; headphones for laptop to listen to Lime and Violet podcast #15. I'm back to where I started.

So what's the point of making this point? I've realized that this chaotic space probably works for me. I thrive in a big, messy, colorful space. It feeds my creative process. (Remember, I've been obsessed with that of late). In an attempt at accepting my 'faults' I'm striving to see them as strengths. Maybe having all this crap around me is really helping me; maybe, just maybe, it's the very reason that there's color, and texture, and cross-pollination in what I do, and if I didn't have all this inspiration around me, I wouldn't create what I do. (Although I am enjoying having an extra chair not so covered in stuff that you can actually sit on it!)

That's enough about creativity (for now). A quick note to say that Miss Violet, the Miss Violet (!), commented on this post after I left her a link on her blog. I am so pleased that I tickled her funny bone, as I have a huge girl-crush on her and her partner-in-blogland Miss Lime; their podcast rocks, as we say in California. I may even have to join their KAL. But I don't want to fawn...


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    In chemistry More Stable = Less Reactive.

    Therefore, a less stable compound tends to greater reactivity.

    Chaos is action.

    Charles Bukowski said: No writer worth a damn can write when they are Comfortable.

    Stay weird,

    Mike E

    PS did ya Win anything Good in Cali on Tuesday?

  2. excellent summation, mikeE! and i'm a big fan of the buko, so that is well-taken. here's to chaos! here's to instability! to reactivity!

    yeah, we did good. didn't you hear, our girl is speaker of the house now? we elected all the dems statewide except 2, and sadly, one of those is ahnold. but he's doing good things for our fish, so maybe i can live with it... how 'bout vt?


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