Tuesday, November 14, 2006

250 Yards of Thoreau

This is my new handspun, 'Thoreau', all 250 glorious, 2ply yards of it. Made using 80z. Corriedale roving from Wooly Treasures, it came out at ~7wpi. I'm hoping that there's enough of it to knit my boy some socks, but I'm not sure... If not, it's going into the pile of inventory I'm spinning to sell to my LYS. Here are links to the individual photos, in case you want a better look:

1. Thoreau roving
2. Thoreau closeup
3. Thoreau in situ
4. Thoreau

(Mosaic created with fd's Flickr Toys.)

I spun this yarn for the 'Thoreau' theme at Fiber Friday, albeit late (again), and am intrigued to find that mine once again resembles the Yarn Wench's interpretation of the theme.

Couple more pictures, and I'm outta here.

This one tickled me. It's a mosaic created using another of fd's flickr toys: the Warholizer. You choose any of your photos, and this little app will create an Andy Warhol-esque interpretation of it. I used my recent Hallowiggy picture. Try it!

Well, can't remember what other pics I was going to post, so let's just leave it at that. Off to work on my freeform project. Ciao!


  1. That yarn is gorgeous! And so is your Warhol!

  2. thanks so much, tienne! you are always so kind.

  3. I have been trying the Warholizer...thanks for the tip, I am bored and sick remember... I have tried a bunch of pics but none turn out with the definition of yours
    did you monkey with the contrast of your pic first?

    inquiring minds want to know

    back to work today
    I cant stand another day of boredom
    I'm driving myself NUTS!

    Todays dreaded task... I narked on a guy from a local food establishment for being unsanitary during his prep of my food... his boss wants to talk to me about it today

    on the one hand I feel like a squealer

    on the other... I neither paid for, nor ate that sandwich

    at least I wasn't the health department

  4. dude, your life she is full of drama.

    you're *still* sick? didna know. speedy recovery, girl.

    back to work, huh? yuck. i might visit tho, which will help. ;)

    'local food estab.' - you'd better tell me where and give me full deets when i see you! squeal like a pig! squeal like a pig!

    i did nothing to my photo before running it through the warholizer, but i did hit the 'try again' button a few times 'til i got one i liked. didja try that?


  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Ha - our FF interpretation just got even weirder when you did the four-square mosaic which I also did to mine a few days back! Talk about on a wavelength:)

  6. i'm honored to be part of your wavelength lynn!

    what are you doing for FF this week? i spun 'fog' for 'lost.' it is functionally a flop, but was a good exercise in TOtB (for me, anyway).

    i keep hearing your name on limeandviolet (my new girlcrushes, btw). your fibery goodness is everywhere!

    oh, and speaking of fibery goodness: i am spinning the merino you sent me in the bug swap - OHMYFREAKINGAWD! i *cannot* believe how dreamy it is to spin, and i may just cream when i wear the neck-thingy (like natasha's) i'm going to knit with it. you are the awesomest. i'm going to have to get me some more of THAT. thanks.

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Oh merino is the very best! A slow spin but so soft and nice. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I was afraid after I sent it to you that you would have trouble with it since merino is a bit tougher for newbies to tackle. You are on your way, grrrl! Oh, and my husband wants a pic of you creaming wearing your neck thingy!!! I should learn not to laugh when I'm reading my friend's blogs:)

  8. yes, well, it turned out fine. photo-ing now, so check back later for a post on it, w/ deets.

    and your hubby, he sounds like fun. i'll see what i can do for him. ;o


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