Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Berry Pie

Berry Pie Mosaic, created with fd's flickr toys

Finished another handspun, Berry Pie, today. Here are the pertinent details:
  • 125 yards
  • 2.3 oz.
  • ~6 wpi
  • single ply
  • 100% merino
Made this using roving from Yarnwench, and it's my first (successful) attempt at spinning merino. It went much better than I anticipated, after my bad 1st experience. This stuff was like spinning air, I tell you! This is far-and-away the softest yarn I've spun to-date. It's like touching clouds. Gorge. Buy her fiber, buy her fiber! (No, wait, don't, then there'll be more for me; buy her handspun yarn instead).

My plan was to make a yarn to knit on of Natasha's neck thingies. I think this will work out great for that project. Soooo soft. Yum.

Lynn was right: it was a slower spin, although I'm not sure why. The fibers didn't feel any shorter than I'm used to. I did have trouble with it being underspun in 2 spots, but I was really striving for a lightly-spun yarn, so I shouldn't be too surprised. Still, I definitely want to work with it again. Soon. Very soon. Thanks again for the roving, Lynn!


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Your yarn turned out really nice Velma - I'm so glad you enjoyed spinning it. I usually do two-plies so I add a lot of twist to my merino. I'm so used to adding a lot of twist that it is really hard for me to do a lightly spun single! Something I need to work on. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. xoxo

  2. I just absolutely love your handspun. I wrestled with a drop spindle for so long that it wasn't even funny. I finally gave up and it's now parked in my pen holder on the top of my desk. I let it collect dust to get even for the evil looks it gives me.

  3. thank you, thank you!

    lynn, i am still learning how to do low-twist singles. (plies for that matter, too). everything's really new to me, but it's fun to learn.

    kerry, i tried a spindle 1st, on my own, and could NOT do it. so i took a wheel class and had no problems after the 1st night. i'm thinking about trying a spindle again, now that i know what the process is supposed to feel like. but i like the pen holder thing, too.

  4. Anonymous8:23 PM

    GORGEOUS HANDSPUN, that Berry Pie is! I LOVE IT!


  5. thanks so much, SP!! it's one of my favorite so far.

    oh, and happy t-day (early). xo v


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