Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Recap & Etc.

When you have high hopes for something, doesn't it always surprise you by turning out differently? A good lesson for keeping expectations low; then you are always surprised in a good way.

This weekend was supposed to be all about carefree fun, playing dress-up, and disc golf. I had fun, but the 2nd two activites were non-starters. After a fun-filled Friday night boogie at Ammon Ranch just up the road from the South Fork of the Trinity River, I was all set for 27 holes in costume on Saturday. But I got my panties all in a wad over who I was supposed to play with (as in, I got stuck with a 5-some comprised of 3 novices and an asshole, + me), so I decided rather than spend 7 hours tramping around throwing discs at baskets with people bound to drive me to unspeakable deeds, I'd sit this tourney out, thankyouverymuch. I ended up spending the bulk of the day pouting, like a doofus, and since almost no one wore a costume to play in this year, I didn't bust mine out. There was an 8pm costume contest, but as mine was based around a strapless evening gown, I decided the 38F temperature precluded prancing around in the dark for 2 seconds of potential glory. Harrumph. What a patootie I can be sometimes. It's amazing that Cole puts up with me.

All was not lost, however. Cole and I cleaned up in the raffle Sunday, winning the wooden table-and-chairs set I coveted, as well as a jar of, ahem, Humboldt's finest if you know what I mean, among other things. And Cole took 2nd and 200 clams for his last effort as an amateur. He has decided to 'go pro' as they say, and bump himself into the ranks of the professional disc golfers. (Yes, Margaret, there is a pro frolfer). I also got to see a bunch of golfers that I don't otherwise usually bump into 'round these parts; it was good to see Parkhurst and Dano et al. I got one or two decent photos, knit another watchcap, and had a good talk with my ex. All was good in the Land O' Velma. This photo is the ubiquitous 'Pensive Self-Portrait'. Lovely fall sky, yes?

Here are a couple of randomish links that I've found in the last week, things I thought might intrigue and/or repulse you. Have fun with them!


  1. welcome home V

    we had a good turn out on Friday

    150-200 drunken peeps

    last one left around 4 am


  2. sorry i missed your drunken debacle party! that's more than i had at either wedding. 4am is all? i'da thought you'd still have a straggler or 2...


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