Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Quickie Post

Hi, heading out the door for my Halloween disc golf weekend, but thought I'd post this picture from last night's Purl 'n Hurl, our local Stitch 'n Bitch gathering. That's Eileen and me, and I'm modeling my reservoir tip hat as I work on another watchcap WIP. Check out the recap HERE and more photos HERE. Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    have a blast lady!!!
    i wish i could be joining you!
    it sounds so deeelite ful!

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM


    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that you're one of only a few people remaining in my blogroll - I accidentally killed my entire blog (posts, comments, blogroll, design, everything) this evening and have just reinstated the design and a few blogs that I had in my browsing history... this includes you, har.

    I'll keep reading, of course. Take care etc.

  3. hi pip! it turned out different than anticipated, but i still had a good time. look for a post later today.


  4. oh, jono, i feel your pain!! that totally sucks. i'll stop by the new improved blog soon to check you out and send you positive energy. cheers!


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