Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spin to Knit

Joined the Spin to Knit secret pal swap, sponsored by Interweave Press in support of the release of Shannon Okey's book of the same title. Finally ordered a copy Friday night, from my local independent bookseller Northtown Books. I'm excited to get it not just because it promises a plethora of spinning tips, but also because it features a blurb about and a sock pattern by my blogosphere friend Symeon North, aka Pippi Kneesocks. There's also a profile of Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff, the woman who inspired me to learn to spin. What else? Here's a link to the TOC. Can't wait for your copy to arrive? There's even a free hat pattern available. And for non-spinners, check out Shannon's other books: Knitgrrl and Knitgrrl2; everyone will enjoy her crafting blog, Knitgrrl.

The swap should be fun. Each participant will spin 2 skeins and send it to their swap partner to make something with. I didn't know which "division" to enter, beginner or intermediate, so thought I'd better err on the cautious side and stuck a big ol' NEWBIE sticker on my swap application. We don't start until January, though, so who knows what an amazing old pro I'll be by then? That would be the 1 year mark since I learned. I'm looking forward to it.

On the home front, damn if another bird hasn't decided to take itself out of the gene pool by getting stuck in our chimney! Stupid, stupid thing. It's like avian Darwin Awards around here. Last time this happened, we lucked out and managed to get the bird back up the chimney, avoiding it exiting via my livingroom and depositing a woodstove's worth of ash across the flokati rug; here's to hoping this one'll use the same egress.

Cole is off to play some disc golf today at Ammon Ranch, aka Rammin' Ranch because we do lots of rams there. Juvenile, I know, but that's how we stay young (or something). Pippi would probably understand; it's a frolf thing. So I'll stay home with the bird-in-the-chimney and do some knitting. Probably won't have a fire...

Edited to add: Despite the advice of Rebecca, who suggested "Torch the dirty bird!", Cole rescued the starling in the chimney. It rocketed straight for the back door upon release, as Cole reminded me the previous prisoner had, rather than my skewed memory of it escaping skyward up the chimney. No more birds in my belfry. Hope it learned it's lesson, damnit.



    Squawb for supper at Velma's!

    Save the Flokati!

    since our house was abandoned, for so many years,
    with a three foot round hole in it's roof
    LOTS of swallows were born in our house

    they are constantly trying to get in here to nest
    it's the fatherland

    Once they get in they fly into the loft and get stuck
    there's no ladder up there so I have to go up to the shop and grab the painting ladder...

    you get the rest of the story


  2. heh, dirty bird: isn't that british slang for a slutty girl? how apropos...

    seriously, that fuckin' bird better WATCH OUT! good thing cole was one o' them animal rights activists back in the day, he;ll protect this stupid thing. but now that he eats meat again, i dunno... his theory is that it's the SAME bird. stupid.

    bummer about your bats, er birds in the belfry. does your loft have a bell? it should. you could ring it when, oh i don't know, it's time to bang a gong. (i. need. coffee.)

    get yer dinero from carla? xo

  3. Thannks for the links. I'll have to order that book. Hope the bird gets out of the chimney with no harm done. Dirty bird. LOL

  4. no prob, b, yer welcome. cole got the bird out, and it shot right out the back door, no harm, no foul.

  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Holy crap Velma - I can't believe all the KALs and Swaps you belong to. Can't keep up! Beware the bird crap!

  6. LOL, tienne. shit, *I* can't keep up! i can't stop myself...

    if the bird crapped, itself, it did it in the chimney. ;)

  7. Yeah! it's out!

    light a fire QUICK!

    dirty bird on dirty bird

    I'll see Carla tomarrow

  8. heehee rebecca, hee hee. dirty bird says: "peace, out!"

  9. oh the poor little birdie!

    thanks for that link! I signed up!

    guess I better REALLY do some knitting now huh??? LOL

  10. your welcome barbe! this is the perfect excuse for you to work on your knitting. cheers!

  11. Anonymous2:09 PM

    i hope you dig the book, i do. (and i think i'm putting bias aside..) i think shannon did a really wonderful job on it.

    you are swapariffic!

  12. thanks pippi, i know i will. i need all the help i can get! ;)

    i can't say no to a swap, eithr.


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