Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lobster Activism Alive & Well in Humboldt

"Lobster Liberation Mission"
Times-Standard online 10/13/2006
Douglas Tabler of Freshwater carried a cooler containing four Maine lobsters into the FedEx store on Short Street in Eureka on Thursday. Tabler liberated the lobsters from the new Co-Op supermarket after he and his partner saw them huddled in the corner of the tank in the seafood section. Feeling that the lobsters were afraid (”We just couldn't stand that”), he bought them and kept them overnight in his refrigerator at home, feeding them shrimp, then FedExed them to Boston. There, the brother of Humboldt Baykeeper Director Pete Nichols is to release them off the coast of Maine. Tabler has been in front of the Co-Op for seven days, protesting the selling of live lobsters, and said he'll continue until the sales stop. The lobsters cost $80 and shipping was $140. Meanwhile, replacement lobsters soon were in the store's tank.
Clearly, the winner here is FedEx. For Derek and Patrick; thanks to Tom for the link. Surprisingly (?) we aren't the only lobster-freeers out there: "Bubba" the Lobster from the Ohio Zoo was released this week at the request of an Ohio girl. Go figure.

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