Friday, October 13, 2006

Penis Knitting

Got your attention? Wanted to share some links. My friend Michael just quit smoking, and as a way to occupy his hands with a healthier endeavor, he's taken up knitting. Self-taught even. And did you know, there's a webring for that? Cold Turkey Knitters is a webring for knitbloggers who are kicking the habit. Maintained by Purlingswine (who may or may not possess a penis, there's no identifying data on the blog), I think it is a cool idea.

So I've been thinking of men even more lately, knitting men in particular.

I miss my friend Jay, who has been absent from Purl 'n Hurl since we started back up. He's headed for Oregon to do a PhD in geology, and I'm afraid we won't see him knitting before he leaves. I'll just keep pestering him to attend, I guess. He's our "ownly" penis knitter, and we miss him and the Samsonite briefcase he uses as a knitting bag.

I stumbled across Zeeppo's Knitting Blog, via the omni-present Natasha, and really enjoy it. You should visit and tell him Velma sent ya. He's a clown; no, really, he's a trained master clown performer who learned to knit in the circus, and his blog is weird in just the way I like 'em.

For those of you who haven't been there already, you should check out Queer Joe's Knitting Blog; I think he's the King (Queen?) of the penis knitting world. He turned me on (!) to Franklin of The Panopticon fame. Totally different, totally worth a visit, they are both squares on the Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo card created by StitchyMcYarnpants.

There are a ton more penis knitters out there; check the Men Who Knit webring for more. The button at the beginning of this post is courtesy of them. Thanks!

And if you need a knitting pattern, there's one for a Willy Warmer w/sack (courtesy of QueerJoe) and a Willy Warmer w/out (courtesy of Y2Knit). And has man-centered knitting t-shirts for sale at Cafe Press. (There's some neutered ones there that are girl-friendly for us twats, too).

So here's to penis knit(ting/ters)!

Edited to add: I got this ditty via email from the aforementioned Jay:
willie and me
purl with we
on thursday for me
i will surely join thee
He says he's gonna make a cameo, yay!!


  1. Funny you put the clown blog up, I just put up a clown yarn today, I don't like clowns!! HEE HEE HEE!

    I just taught myself how to knit too..need to get me some fatass circular needles cause these long ones suck!

  2. clowns=scary!

    i'm impressed that a) you taught yourself to knit and b) you spun w/out being a knitter. fatass circs are definitely the way to go! i almost never use straights. yucky.

    i'm off to check out your clown yarn. xo v

  3. zeepo is really funny. i love the "keep your stick on the ice" signoff. if you send male knitters his way and they comment, he will freak!

  4. yeah, i really like that i can't figure him out at all. you've met him in person i assume? 'cuz he's in philly? i'd *love* to meet him! i only know 2 dudes that knit, but i sent both of them this post; they aren't connected to the knitblogosphere at all, so zeep should be new to them. hope they *do* comment!

    ps. the pkg. got here yesterday afternoon, and it is awesome! i'll try calling again this weekend to tell you how much i loved everything. xoxo


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