Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bug Balls

My first artyarn: Bug Balls - 56yds. wool, wig hair, hand-tied ribbon, pompons, & bugs

Simply couldn't wait to get my hands on this stuff and spin it up; look what came out of my enthusiasm!

What a blast this was to make! It's my first "artyarn", which I would distinguish from my other yarns on the basis of all the cool/weird shit in it. I owe a big thanks to Lynn, who both sent me the materials I used to create it and joined Natasha in encouraging me to abandon my defeatist attitude which held me back from spinning something crazy. This kind of yarn was the reason I learned to spin in the first place; it's about time I tried to make some!

My plan is to pick up some commercial yarn, either black or orange, and combine it with this to make myself a hat. Check back soon to see it!

Edited to add: Must be all the good, clean living I've been doing (!), 'cuz I just checked my Bloglines and saw that Lynn made a similar yarn from the same roving, and marked the 60yd. skein waaaay down; couldn't pass it up. So I'll use that for the balance of the hat. Score!


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    See - you throw caution to the wind and something wonderful comes back atcha! I must say, I am like a proud mom over your first art yarn Velma. It truly turned out awesome.xoxo

  2. aw, shucks ma (blushes), glad you like it. i learned a good lesson, huh?

    (although you musta been like, what, 6yo when you had me? ;)

  3. go velma, go velma, its your birthday, go velma...just think of all the money you'll save making your own, eh? and since you like the mega crazy ones, you will just have to look at everyone else's and add extra stuff. you will be known as the spinner that makes yarn tha stands up and walks around on its own.

  4. oooh, that coudld be my biz name, eh?

    walking yarns

    hee. thanks, n, you made my day! i *do* love the mega crazy yarns, don't i?? but i'm going to try a simple merino today. besos!

  5. The yarn looks even more awesome in person than the picture! You did a great job so let those insecurities go!

  6. I love your halloween art yarn Velma. I would not have known it was your first one if you had not siad so so I think you are doing great.

  7. hey, thanks katrina. i love the felt balls you made, btw.


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