Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy, Buggy, Joy, Joy!

She's here, my Buggin' Out Swap package, she's here, and oh, the loot! The happiness!! The buggy joy! (The overwrought superlatives and egregious exclamatory notations!@!&!) Check out the fibery goodness that Yarnwench sent me.

Remember, this is the swap wherein each participant boxes up some Halloween-y fiber (+ some other goodies) to send to their swapmate, and each then uses the materials they receive to spin up a their own art-yarn. And, oh, the possibilities in this box!! There's 2oz. of black domestic wool, and some synthetic spider "web", and ribbon in two flavors, and rubber bugs (rubber baby buggies anyone?), and beautiful roving. I'm thinking I'll make 2 different yarns outta this: a black and orange halloween-themed, bug-laden, funny-haha yarn; and a warm-n-fuzzy, autumnal, sedate-in-a-good-way yarn from that scrumptious merino roving.

Merino? Did I say merino? Oh, yeah, baby, that's 4oz of premium, hand-dyed by the 'Wench herself, merino roving in lovely autumnal glorious browns and purples. Makes me think of warm berry pie with cinnamon ice cream. Yummy. Lynn sells this wonderful fiber and handspun yarns, too, at her site, and read about the process on her blog.

But that's not all I got! Check out my feet. She sent me these kickin' spider socks, too. It's hard to tell, but the spider's coming down on purple sparkly spider butt-juice. I loves me some sparkly!

And that skull? It's filled with rubber rats, cockroaches, and maggots, as well as "blood." Love it!

As for spinning this, of course my personal insecrities (here: spinning inadequacy) kick in to high gear. My inner Wayne and Garth: "I'm not worthy." I'm afraid I can't do justice to the beautiful roving. I don't have any way to card, comb, or otherwise blend the beautiful fibers. I don't know how to spin the bugs in. More blahblah, "I can't" bullshit. So. I'm not going to go there. Not. Going. There. Instead, I'm going to remember my conversation with Natasha the other day, and I'm not going to use my fear as an excuse not to try. Who cares if it's "as good" as someone else's yarn? It's my creation, so it's good enough. (Like my little internal, oops, out-loud-voice pep talk?). Yeah, the new me is going to just DO IT. And it'll be great. Wanna see what we come up with? Check out our pool on Flickr, Fluff Candy.


  1. Ok, I am severely grossed out by the skull and eye thing. LOL!

  2. i just *love* those squeezie-gross things! my kind of stress balls.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    i knew that was lynn's work the minute i saw the roving!
    pretty pretty!

  4. hi pippi! isn't it just gorgemous? and soooo soft. now to spin, to spin...


  5. Anonymous1:06 PM

    What great loot ya got!

  6. that's what I'M talkin' about, t!! i'm a lucky girl. working on yarn from it right now, just taking a break. what's on tap now that the CPH is done? a 3rd?

  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Oh Velma- don't feel any insecurities about spinning the stuff up! Just go with it and have fun! That's what this is all about. No one is going to judge you or it.I should have done some batts for you - didn't know about the carder issue. Thought I'd give you some options. And merino - it isn't the easiest to spin. Kind of slow because of the need for plenty of twist. Just play and have a good time!!! xoxo

  8. lynnlynnlynn! i am so sorry if i gave the impression i was disappointed in what you sent! i love it all, much. i *did* have options, and my whole post was supposed to be me embracing my fear and moving through it; that was the whole gift that natasha gave me when we talked the other day. i'm admitting that *i* am my only critic, and that it keeps me from enjoying the process. that's what this is about, right?

    i just finished spinning up the black wool and am posting pictures now. that stuff is so soft! and the longest fibers i've ever spun. is it louette? kind of looks like it. i had fun making the yarn; i put lots of the "hair" in, and tied on some ribbon, and added some pompons i had. it's my 1st artyarn! thanks for being part of it.

    i tried spinning merino once before and had trouble, but the new me is convinced that i can do this.

    thanks for checking in on me. besos!

  9. AAack!

    shut yer pie hole and spin it gf

    have you tried the jeans yet???

    pleeze, don't say commando!


    wish you were coming to the party with a mad band of fire jugglers!

    you can camp!

  10. Anonymous3:56 AM

    The black wool was some domestic roving from rh lindsay - that stuff surprised me by how nice it was. It spins like buttah, doesn't it? I bought it for my Edward Scissorhands skein and worked it into a lot of my Halloween skeins. And yes, merino takes some getting used to but is so worth it in softness.

  11. thanks, lynn. yes, buttah. i found a spinning merino tutorial at knitting curmudgeon that had some good suggestions. take a deep breath, relax, and see what comes out.

  12. rrrrrr, good advice always!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah, the jeans are like pig intestine-on-ground-beef-with-spices, but in a good way. wore 'em yesterday to PnH and looked HOT. bringing you cash today... you be there?

    party = sad velma, *i* wish i could come too. i'm camping out at south fork.


    p.s. COMMANDO!!!

  13. I-no-be-there.

    I paint, paint, paint today, then treat myself to a movie.

    could you leave cash-ola in an envelope with the Carla??? in order to avoid any weirdness at workness

    I will accept a personal cheque as well...

    nice description by the way on the FIT of those jeans
    I wonder how the ladies at work would enjoy that description of themselves in high-end-fancy-pants???

    "OOoooh, baby! I say a GOOD way!"
    "Your ass looks just DELICIOUS, I wanna bite it!"
    "Looking at that ass.... I'm just salivating..."

    Should I try it on Monday??? I have a new girl starting...

  14. do it, r, DO IT! that's a good way to break in the new chica. have fun painting!


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