Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bird Brain

Cole on roof
Cole on roof,
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Velma's World.
Fireworks musta chased a bird into our chimney, yesterday. Yes, a BIRD stuck in the chimney, and frantic to leave the chimney. Futzed with the flue for hours, trying to increase the poor dear's egress opportunities, with no success. When the Man came home from his day of disc golfing, he (in typical man-fashion) tried all the things I'd tried previously, and pronounced the bird "stuck in the chimney." I exhibited an amazing patience, and said nothing. One call to the landlords later, and Cole was up on the roof to remove the chimney cap; isn't he cute up there? Guess birdie decided to rest overnight, because she was still there this a.m. But Cole is nothing if not persistant, and he pulled the woodstove insert out of the fireplace, and out she flew, a lovely female starling. With little ado we managed to shoo her out the back door and to her friends. Crisis averted.


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